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Giving Tuesday 2022 – Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits

by Janie Richmond
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Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and with them comes Giving Tuesday, which is November 29, 2022. Nonprofits are needed now more than ever, but we know many of your organizations are struggling too. Participating in a Giving Tuesday campaign will not only help your organization raise money, but it will also help people become more aware of the work you are already doing. It is also a great idea to help bring your community together to rally behind your mission.

We created a checklist for you to help you plan your #GivingTuesday campaign. It will outline ideas for Giving Tuesday, steps to take before starting, and what to do during and after the campaign.

Click on the checklist image below to open the PDF version if you would like to print it out.

Full Giving Tuesday Checklist

Giving Tuesday 2022 Campaign Ideas

Make A Plan

Meet with your board of directors and any key staff members to discuss your plan. Brainstorm who you can collaborate with and how they can help spread the word about your campaign.

Create A Campaign Webpage For Donors

Create a campaign page for your website, and make sure you have a clear Donate button for people to donate online. Don’t make people search for it. Design the page around Giving Tuesday, with graphics that are specific to the event. If you have a Text to Give option, display it on the page so people know that is another way they can give to your cause.

Spread The Word

Email your people to let them know about the event, and post regularly on your social media channels throughout the next month. Share the various ways people can participate in your campaign, including ways that may not involve donating money.

Share Volunteer Opportunities

If there are ways people can volunteer, such as making phone calls, sharing social media posts for wider exposure, or helping plan an event, let them know. These are great opportunities for people to help if they aren’t able to give financially or if they happen to have some extra time on their hands.

Tell Stories

Tell stories of how your nonprofit is giving back and who you are able to help. You don’t need to make it all about you, but don’t be afraid to share what you are doing. Heartfelt stories can go a long way. And don’t forget to tell stories of how people are volunteering and stepping up to help your nonprofit during this campaign. They will help people feel connected to your organization, and even more might be inclined to give.

Thank Supporters Afterward

Don’t forget to thank everyone who participated in the event, whether they donated a lot or a little, or volunteered during or before. Personalizing your messages is essential. Use people’s names, handwrite cards if you have the time, leave voicemails, or text them directly if they have opted in to receiving texts from your organization. When they feel like their gift mattered enough for you to take the time to thank them, people will be much more likely to donate again in the future.

Additional Ideas For Giving Tuesday 2022

What are some additional ways your nonprofit is participating in Giving Tuesday this year? Let us know in the comments.

Giving Tuesday Checklist Webinar

Preparing ahead can help your organization maximize its impact on Giving Tuesday. Dan Kimball, fundraising expert, shares what your organization needs to get started, along with tips and tools to make your campaign more successful.

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