Advanced Tips on Budgeting For Your Church or Nonprofit

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Organizations create budgets for a variety of reasons. The bank might require a budget prior to lending money, your board of directors may require a budget to ensure your planning on spending money in alignment with your purpose, or you may want a budget to make sure you will have the resources needed to accomplish your purpose.

In this webinar we show you:

  • Tips and tricks for creating a meaningful budget
  • How to update the budget as circumstances change during the year (sometimes called a rolling forecast)
  • How to report on variances to budget.

As the majority of budgets are created using spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.), we begin by showing you how to use spreadsheets to create and update your budget. Once your budget has been created, we show you how you can use Aplos to manage your progress toward accomplishing your purpose.

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6 thoughts on “Advanced Tips on Budgeting For Your Church or Nonprofit

  1. I want to learn more about closing procedures for Churches & Nonprofits. I also want to know more about the Pastor’s compensation (things included and not included), the Pastor’s responsibility for complying with federal & state laws. A good example would be the Pastor’s responsibility as it relates to Employment Laws, Income Tax Laws (as these relate to both the Pastor and the Church), and other laws and responsibilities. Please reply. I want to know what materials I can acquire (e.g. books, magazines, etc.) to learn these subjects in-depth. Thank you so much for your kind attention to these matters. I will be so very grateful for your help and I will avail myself to any requests you may have of me to help you succeed in all your endeavors. Best wishes and have a blessed Holiday Season, Robert D. Stover.

    1. Hi Robert,

      We have a few webinars that can be really helpful. Here is a webinar you can watch on closing procedures for the year: and here is our church blog section of our academy that has a lot of helpful articles: and here is a big webinar we did that covers Pastor’s compensation and ALOT more: We have a website building product, are you an Aplos user?

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