Navigating the nonprofit field can be overwhelming when you’re taking your first few steps into the industry. Most people who do crack that nut by learning from their peers and by starting from the bottom and working their way up, accruing experience and learning from their mistakes. However, if you’re taking part in a nonprofit in a small town, or creating a new one from scratch, this support system doesn’t exist or is hard to find. How do you go about finding out about “this” or “that?” You can set your goal of heading a nonprofit aside and join an existing one that has already achieved success; or sometimes even that isn’t an option.

But in the golden age of communication, the Internet provides a treasure trove of information that battles well in the war on ignorance. This is where #Nonprofiting comes to the rescue!

Looking for a way to connect with other nonprofit workers in the field for advice and a means for running your organization more efficiently? Check out the #nonprofiting group here on Facebook. It’s a group for providing peer advice to those who operate nonprofit organizations. People are already starting conversations, and if you have a question—any question, really—then don’t be afraid to ask. You have your friends here at Aplos, or other members of the group, to answer any and all questions, big and small. See you there!

Clay Harmon writes content for Aplos by day and makes up novel-sized stories by night. When doing neither, his Kindle e-reader is close at hand, or he is drinking coffee and losing at video games on his computer. Raised at the gateway to Yosemite, the occasional trip into the Sierras gives a quick fix for an addiction to mountain air and serves as inspiration for future books cooking in that brain of his.

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