Striving for Accounting Simplicity With Aplos

Everything we do at Aplos has a pretty singular goal: To make accounting simple for nonprofits and churches.

And one of the best ways we do this is with our software. Since you’re not a business, we’ve stripped out all of the unnecessary workarounds with our software to keep the bookkeeping easy.

Ex-QuickBook Users Save Valuable Hours Every Week

What if you could save a lot of time on your accounting so you could spend more time on your mission? With Aplos you can!

  • Create contribution statements in minutes
  • Import transactions directly from your bank
  • Automatically track donations in your accounting

We want it to get to a point where you just don’t have to work hard when it comes to your accounting. I mean, there is a reason why there are books written about how to use QuickBooks for a nonprofit or church. Not with Aplos. No book required.

As a result, you won’t be stressed. You will feel more at peace overall. We take pride in building software nonprofits and churches need to easily manage their organization. Folks find Aplos user-friendly and simple (this has earned us a 97% customer satisfaction rate!). You are in control. It feels good.

What we’re trying to do with Aplos is just move you along to this place.

You don’t need to talk about a reporting workaround because you’ll just pull the report you need automatically.

And then there’s Fund Accounting

Fund accounting is a standard almost all nonprofits and churches have to adhere to in one-way or another. While it is very detail-oriented (and confusing at times!), it is the most accurate method of accounting. By utilizing fund accounting, you can maintain accurate financial records for your organization and all of its directives. In return, you’ll be empowered to generate powerful financial statements and make key decisions.

All of this is made simple when using software made for nonprofits and churches.

Are you ready to try Aplos? We hope you are now.

Eric Burgess serves as Aplos’ Marketing Director and is passionate about all things digital media. When he’s not writing searchable content for churches and nonprofits to find online, he’s likely spending time with his family or out riding his downhill mountain bike in the Sierra Nevada mountains somewhere. Oh, and he's deathly allergic to tree nuts.

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