The Secret To Healthy Financials In 2018

Guide for Using QuickBooks and Aplos for Your Nonprofit or Church Bookkeeping

Nonprofits have unique needs for their financial systems. In particular it is essential to track designated money in multiple funds and pull reports based on those funds. This is also known as fund accounting. Whether you use a true fund accounting software or a small business accounting software, such as QuickBooks, there are some important guidelines to keep your financials healthy.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of fund accounting
  • Review the importance of fund accounting to build stewardship and accountability
  • See how to track funds and create essential fund accounting reports using QuickBooks
  • Understand how to use a fund accounting software, such as Aplos

Check it out so you can start off 2018 with the tools you need to have a healthier financial foundation! If you aren’t sure you can make it, go ahead and register and we will send you the recording.

To view the 50-minute recorded webinar, complete the form below:

Recorded Webinar: Fund Accounting in QuickBooks and Aplos

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    1. Not an actual transcript, Steve. But if you haven’t received a link to the recorded webinar to playback at your convenience, you will be getting it shortly.

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