The Taxman Cometh! Pastors, are you Ready?

We want to help you and your church avoid an IRS audit. In this webinar, Scott Larsen solves the seven biggest tax problems pastors, priests, and other clergy members face today…

  1. How do I report my Income?
  2. How do I report my Housing Allowance?
  3. How do I report my Ministry Expenses?
  4. How do I report my Non-Church Income? (Bi-Vocational pastors or honorariums )
  5. How do I avoid paying so much in taxes? What can I do?
  6. How do I avoid getting audited by the IRS?
  7. How do I report Health Insurance reimbursements on my taxes?

*** A tip saving planning tip for Bi-Vocational and part-time pastors!

We’ll have a special Q&A at the end to answer all your questions on the webinar’s topic, as well as those you may have about Aplos Accounting.

Scott Larsen, CPA, CFP

After earning his degree in accounting, Scott qualified as a Certified Public Accountant then completed the rigorous program of study, practice, and testing required to become accredited as a Certified Financial Planner. Scott is widely regarded as the voice of reason in navigating financial issues facing churches today. He has helped hundreds of pastors and churches structure their accounting systems and salary packages. He has guided them in areas ranging from tax planning and payroll to developing and guiding stewardship and building programs.

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