The Aplos 3 with Jayne Fossett

fossett-jayne-bioWe love the fun and quirky side of our Aplos team, so we’re going to start highlighting random Aplos employees in a series we’ll call ‘Three Answers.’ Each person gives three answers to each question they’re asked. If you’re wondering why the number three, here’s why.

For this inaugural ‘Aplos 3′ post, we wanted to introduce to you Aplos’ customer support manager (and all around sassy human!) Jayne Fossett. She’s smart, funny, and really good with people (she’s all ours, you can’t have her!). To get a sense of what really makes Jayne tick, read on below.

Three reasons to live in Fresno, CA?

1. It’s close to the mountains.
2. It’s close to the beach.
3. The people.

Three reasons you love Support so much?

1. I enjoy interactions with our customers and getting to know them on a personal level.
2. I love the “ah ha!” moments when customers finally understand the oh-so-daunting task of accounting. ๐Ÿ™‚
3. The Support team as a whole is killer, so they make my job super rewarding.

Three things people wouldn’t normally know about you?

1. I have to move my hands when I talk – my coworkers make fun of me because they say I look like I’m conducting an orchestra.
2. I always cry when I watch videos of a soldier coming home from being deployed.
3. I can change the oil in my car.

Top three Grey’s Anatomy characters?

I mean, they’re kind of killing off my favorites, so I’m going to go a little old school Grey’s on one . . .
1. Christina
2. Meredith
3. Alex

Three reasons why you love the ampersand (&) so much?

1. They’re a great shape.
2. The word is fun to say.
3. And just because I like them?


Jayne’s mouse pad says it all . . .

Three reasons you help out at Hume Lake?

1. Their ministry has impacted my life in a huge way.

2. The view of the lake is one of my favorite things to look at.
3. The people there are some of the greatest that I have known or ever will know.

Three reasons you love kittens?

1. They’re independent.
2. They’re sassy.
3. And because cat videos are some of the funniest.

Top three favorite rap songs of all time?

Mom, if you’re reading this . . . stop now.
1. Turnt Up – Lupe Fiasco
2. Holy Grail – Jay Z
3. The best song to dance to at a wedding – Gold Digger by Kanye West

Top three places to enjoy an ice cold sangria?

1. By the pool.
2. At my friend Stacey’s house . . . she makes the best sangria.
3. Basically, anywhere that ice-cold sangria is sold.

Top three pet peeves?

1. A messy/dirty car.
2. Poor grammar.
3. When people put the toilet paper on the wrong way – over is always right.

Three OCD quirks?

Oh gosh . . . my cover has been blown . . .
1. I have to eat things in even numbers. Snack-ish items like grapes, crackers, popcorn, almonds, or M&Ms. But if we’re talking hamburgers, or bigger food items, I’ll only eat one of those. I just generally want things done in even numbers, so the fact that I’m giving only three answers for each question is bugging me.
2. I am an off-the-charts neat freak . . . so a messy kitchen, bathroom, or things that are out of place bother me to no end.
3. A hand shake has to fit grip to grip. If it doesn’t, I have to ask for a redo.
4. Giving a fourth answer to this question satisfies my OCD-ness. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Jayne’s desk: Ampersands for life!

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