Interview — Get to Know Daniel Van Gerpen

Affectionately known as “DVG” here at Aplos, his real name is Daniel dvg200Van Gerpen. If you thought a full name like that screamed prolific-artist-from-another-century, you’d be half right. DVG is an artist — graphic artist by day, and painter/photographer (among other things) by night. Hailing all the way from South Dakota (he hates when you say he’s from North Dakota), DVG can run circles around anyone in a game of office hangman. We recently caught up with him for his Aplos interview. Enjoy.

There are lots of good people who also work here. It is a fun working environment. Some times we have recess.


It’s difficult to say who the best artists are, but three artists that have had the biggest influence on my art are Nancyjane Huehl, George Inness, and Mark Rothko. Learning from these artists marked a significant time in my artistic development.


Quotes by these three sum up why.


The Ocean — There is not much beachfront property in South Dakota. There is an interesting dichotomy of power and stillness in the repetition of the crashing waves. Yosemite — Every time I go there I am amazed at the grandeur of it all. There are so many unique landscape features. Each one is worthy of a visit, yet there are so many spectacles in a relatively small area. Ike’s — Best. Sandwiches. Ever.


Glazed old fashioned, maple bar, glazed blueberry.

I love making things. I love using creativity to solve problems. I get to use neat tools.


Red, yellow, and blue. You can make anything with these three colors.


Buzzing, rhythm, fuzzy.

Jim, Dwight, Kevin.


They are tangy so they awaken the senses. They are chewy which works away any anxiety and tension. They are lo-cal. It’s always swim suit season in California.



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