Aplos Launches New Advanced Accounting Product

Aplos Software, a leader in Software as a Service accounting for nonprofits and churches, announces Aplos Advanced Accounting, a comprehensive fund-based financial system for organizations with sophisticated accounting needs. Advanced Accounting builds on the company’s existing financial system used today by 14,000+ organizations worldwide. Among other enhancements, Advanced Accounting offers more extensive reporting and analytics capabilities, making it ideal for organizations that want greater visibility into the health and performance of specific departments, campaigns and projects.

“As nonprofits and churches grow, their financial management requirements become more complex,” says Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos Software. “The obligation to track income and expenses at a granular level, and to share data with key stakeholders, increases. We built Advanced Accounting so they can slice-and-dice data easily, and understand in real-time exactly how their organization is performing, down to the smallest details.”

Advanced Accounting includes features for nonprofits to manage budgets for each of their designated funds, enabling tight controls for managers. Organizations can also build custom reports by department, campaign, project or custom segment. This can help nonprofits track the finances of each program, monitor the health of multiple sites, or share department financials with managers. Aplos also makes it simple for organizations that have multiple entities to manage multiple books and create roll-up reports.

Not just for nonprofits, Aplos Advanced Accounting is also ideal for churches. The flexible reporting segmentation equips multi-site churches to pull reports for each campus and departments or ministries across campuses. Churches could also easily manage the books of separate ministries or an on-site preschool.

Aplos Advanced Accounting starts at $120 per month for a single user or $200 per month for unlimited users. For organizations needing to manage multiple entities, please call for pricing options for subscriptions to include Aplos Oversight.

Organizations may sign up for a 15-day free trial of the Aplos Advanced Accounting at www.aplos.com.

To schedule a demo, call (888) 274-1316 (x105).

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