Aplos Nonprofits Have Big Impact On Giving Tuesday

Every year, nonprofits join #GivingTuesday to encourage donors to give back on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The nonprofits that use Aplos are no exception and raised 819% more than the online donations made on an average day.

About 97% of Aplos customers generate under $1 million in annual revenue and 85% rely on individuals as their primary source of revenue, so a big day of giving can make a big impact in their mission. Here is a snapshot of #GivingTuesday participation by nonprofits using Aplos:


Best Examples Of #GivingTuesday Fundraising

Here are a few examples of how Aplos customers leveraged #GivingTuesday for their organization.

The Culture Project

  • Used inspirational quotes and presented clear goals for their organization as a fundraising strategy
  • Gave donation examples ranging from $10–$50 to remind donors that even a small amount makes a difference

West African Vocational Schools

  • Collected 26 gifts totaling $7,962 in donations
  • Used urgency on social media by counting down to #GivingTuesday, and provided specific examples of how the donations would benefit their mission (building a school)
  • Utilized a donation match to drive more donations
  • Thanked their donors and shared the total raised the following day

Why #GivingTuesday Works

#GivingTuesday has sparked an online giving trend with convenience and excitement for donors who want to put more heart into year-end giving. It’s easier and faster for organizations to reach a wide variety of demographics, especially young and more established donors who are jumping on the #GivingTuesday movement for a good cause.

If you are interested in fundraising software and leveraging #GivingTuesday for your organization, check out Aplos Donor Management and see how it can work for your organization.

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