Software Update: What’s coming to Aplos Donor Management

Heads up — we are getting ready to launch an all-new Donor Management product! This new product is packed with a ton of helpful features that will allow nonprofits (and even churches!) to dynamically communicate with their constituents.

Fundraising is all about building relationships. That’s our mantra, and we believe it’s important to have a solution that can help organizations build those strong donor relationships so they can turn their one-time donors into lifelong supporters. See below for new features and pricing.

New Donor Management Features

Contact Database

  • Track relationships, notes, communication, and donation history for each donor
  • Create groups and committees
  • List Builder — filter donor profiles to create specific groups to target for communication

Fundraising Center

  • Online donation forms
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Track prospects, new donors, active donors, and lapsed donors
  • Enter/track contributions and pull contribution statements
  • Pledge tracking

Campaigns (Coming soon)
Event Registration (Coming soon)

Communication Center

  • Create/send emails within Aplos
  • Integration with Constant Contact
  • Letter builder (for snail mail)
  • Suggestions for how to communicate with each donor type within the Fundraising Center

New Reports

  • Donations by contact
  • Pledge summary and reminders
  • Top donor (biggest donors)
  • Contact list, notes, and reminders (when to reach out)

New Donor Management Pricing*

*The new pricing model for Donor Management is based on the total number of donor contacts. This excludes any contacts you may have in your accounting module.

Have questions? Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.

We are on track to deploy this new product very soon. If you haven’t already, join our interest list so you can be the first to know when Aplos Donor Management launches!

Sign up here to join the interest list.

Megan helps lead the marketing department in Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Public Relations.

8 thoughts on “Software Update: What’s coming to Aplos Donor Management

    1. Absolutely! Nonprofits eligible for the Small Nonprofit Discount on their Accounting subscription will receive the same discount on the Donor Management feature set as well.

  1. If our non-profit can’t move into the new platform can we still use the current features in contributions management?

    1. Hi, Jen! You’ll still have FULL access to Contributions Management (at the same price) when we launch the new product. You might notice some navigation changes and style updates but the core functionality will remain unchanged for you.

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