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*Note: Check out our Website Builder page for updated features and information, and to try Aplos for free.

Just when you thought Aplos couldn’t get any better, we went and added a brand new feature to the Aplos Platform, and would like to officially announce the release of our Website Builder! Included in all pricing packages, organizations will be able to build their own website to showcase their mission, inform their community of upcoming events, collect donations, and maximize their organization’s success in many other ways. And it gets better. You can create a modern website in just minutes. We’ve literally tested it. It look us just 5 minutes to create a website that takes over an hour to build in other web builders. *Cough* WordPress *Cough* 

The WebBuilder creates a template for a site using options you select for header colors, home page layout options, pre-made pages, and stock images that can be personalized to fit any organization, or you can design a layout from scratch using our drag and drop section features. Our developers worked around the clock to build a user-friendly web builder that doesn’t require you to have an HTML Coder on staff to manage. Quickly get in and make changes on the fly without any coding experience.

So, get in there and give it a try! If you would like to start building, take advantage of the resources below to get started:

  • Quick-Start Guide – Want just an overview of the features? Check out this getting started article.
  • How to Create Pages & Menu – Learn step by step how to create the frame work for your website — how your visitors will navigate your site.
  • How to Edit Pages – READ THIS! The Website Builder is loaded with editing features. Learn how to tweak your website to make it go from good to “oh my, this website is awesome.”
  • Custom Domain SetupEasily add and remove domain names that you own, as well as create Aplos domains. Point your own custom domain (ex. to your public website too!

Megan helps lead the marketing department in Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Public Relations.

12 thoughts on “Website Builder — New Feature in Aplos

  1. Can we assign a user to be able to log-in only to access the web builder and not the financial part of aplos?

    1. Yes! There is a role called “Web Builder Manager” that will allow them only access to the website builder. It’s very handy for orgs who have volunteers that want to help on the website.

    1. Great question! You can create as many pages as you need within your website. You can do this from your Pages and Menu page by clicking on the green + button, then click “Add a new page to the menu.” This way, you can have a separate page per project, and can even link a specific donation page for that project to the page. Here’s a resource to learn more:

  2. Can we use a domain name we already have registered? How would we redirect that domain name to the Aplos site? Do you have widgets that would support multimedia playback?

    1. Absolutely! You can accomplish this in your Domain Setup. Here’s a resource to show how to do that:

      We do have content sections that you can add to your page to include either an image rotator or video playback. You can find those when adding a new page or editing an existing one by clicking the + in the top left of the screen, then under the “Simple Start” options, choose either “Slider” for rotating images, or “Video” to add a video to the page.

    1. Hi Isaiah,
      There isn’t a way to host media files in the Website Builder. However, if you have videos uploaded elsewhere, such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can insert a video content block with the URL for those videos, and those would be displayed on the page. For audio files, you could link from your website to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder where your audio files are stored.
      Hope that helps!
      – Janie

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