New Partner To Help Nonprofits Reinstate Tax Exempt Status

Aplos Software is pleased to announce we have partnered with Foundation Group, Inc. to assist nonprofits who have lost their tax-exempt status due to failure to file Form 990 for three consecutive years. Nonprofits needing to regain their tax-exempt status will be referred to Foundation Group’s to request a free initial consultation to review their tax-exempt status and available options.

Foundation GroupAs an IRS e-File provider, every day we see nonprofits try to submit their Form 990-N, only to realize they have already lost their tax exempt status for failure to file for the past three years. We partnered with Foundation Group because we want to provide them with a trusted option that will help them continue achieving their mission. Foundation Group has successfully assisted hundred of nonprofits in regaining their tax-exempt status since the IRS started posting automatically revoked organizations in June of 2011.

The IRS states that since 2011, more than 450,000 nonprofits have lost their tax-exempt status due to failure to file a Form 990 for three consecutive years, but only about 30,000 have reinstated their tax-exempt status. The deadline to request reinstatement is 15 months after the issue of the IRS revocation letter and posting the organization’s name on the revocation list on the IRS website. This process can be complex, so it often requires the help of an experienced professional. Nonprofits may check to see if they have been automatically revoked by using the Select Check tool on the IRS website.

Aplos Software is an authorized IRS e-file provider and has assisted thousands of nonprofits to successfully file IRS Form 990-EZ. The IRS requires nonprofits to submit Form 990 annually to maintain tax-exempt status.

The deadline to submit Form 990 is the 15th of the fifth month after the close of the organization’s tax year. For example, if an organization’s fiscal year ended December 31, 2012 and their new fiscal year starts January 1, 2013, then their filing deadline is May 15, 2013.

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