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Aplos Software to Assist Nonprofits Completing IRS Form 990-EZ for 2013 with Online Tax Preparation Software and E-filing

Fresno, CA - April 15, 2014 - Aplos Software, a company specializing in online nonprofit software, announced today that IRS Form 990-EZ for the 2013 fiscal year is now available for nonprofits to prepare and submit using Aplos e-File, a tax preparation and e-filing software. The online software is available on their website, www.aplos.com.

Form 990-EZ is a short version of the annual informational return that is required by the Internal Revenue Service for tax-exempt organizations. This form includes information about the organization's mission, programs and finances. Deadline for submitting Form 990-EZ is on the 15th of the fifth month after the close of the organization's fiscal year. For nonprofits with a fiscal year that ended December 31, their return will be due by May 15, 2014.

Aplos e-file guides tax-exempt organizations through the form step-by-step, provides relevant advice, and guarantees all needed information is included. As an authorized IRS e-file provider, Aplos Software will submit returns electronically to the IRS then provide a copy of the return and any schedules for the organization's records. Price per return for Aplos e-file is $39.99.

"The return can be confusing and overwhelming for non-accountants, so it isn't uncommon that someone hits a road block that prevents them from filing," said Tim Goetz, CPA and co-founder of Aplos Software. "Aplos e-File tackles the common road blocks, walks them through it by making it simple, and relieves the stress of filing."

To be eligible to file Form 990-EZ, the tax-exempt organization must have gross receipts of less than $200,000 and assets less than $500,000. Aplos Software also offers preparation software and e-filing of Form 990-N (e-Postcard) for the fiscal years of 2013, 2012 and 2011. This simple, online return is required for tax-exempt organizations that normally make less than $50,000 in gross receipts.

Organizations that do not need to file the IRS form include organizations that are included in a group return; churches and their auxiliaries, conventions or associations; and organizations that are required to file a different return. Visit http://www.irs.gov for more information about annual reporting requirements.

Aplos e-File will be available for Form 990-EZ at www.aplos.com/irs-form-990-efile. To complete the Form 990-EZ, the nonprofit will need their employer identification number, fiscal year starting day and month, legal name, mailing address, tax-exempt status type, details about principal officers and their compensation, compensation details for the five highest paid employees, financial statements including balance sheet and income statement, information about your three largest program service accomplishments, and information about contractors.

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Aplos Software specializes in web-based products that make it simple to manage a nonprofit including fund accounting, donor management, and IRS return preparation software. In addition, Aplos Oversight is financial management software for accountants or administrators to easily oversee the finances of multiple nonprofits or churches that subscribe to Aplos Software products. Based in Fresno, California, Aplos Software was founded in 2009 and over 10,000 users have signed up for its various software programs. For more information, visit www.aplos.com or call Aplos Software at (888) 274-1316.

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