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Aplos Software reduces pricing for its web-based fund accounting software

Fresno, CA - January 14, 2014 - Aplos Software LLC, a software company specializing in web-based nonprofit software, today announced a new pricing model for its fund accounting software. Organizations can now subscribe to Aplos Accounting for $12 per month for one user or $20 per month for unlimited users.

"Our company was founded with the mission to meet the software needs of nonprofits, both big and small, and that means meeting their budget as well," said Tim Goetz, CPA and co-founder of Aplos Software. "Most software companies add features, then decide to charge more. We, however, are doing the opposite."

According to Urban Institute's "2013 Nonprofit Sector in Brief," nonprofits with less than $500,000 in annual expenses make up more than 75% of the nonprofit sector. Goetz said, "Most nonprofits run on a shoestring budget, so while Aplos was already one of the most affordable fund accounting software products available, we dropped our prices lower to fit the budget of even the smallest of nonprofits."

The new prices move away from the previous modular pricing structure where organizations could add apps to a base subscription cost. Most apps will no longer have an incremental charge and are included in the new flat rates. In addition, the new rates reduce the cost of adding users. Apps that are now included within the new subscription rates are budgeting, bank reconciliation, bank integration, check printing, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

"Apps give nonprofits more control over their software by keeping it simple if they have limited bookkeeping experience or making it more robust to handle more complex needs," explained Goetz. "With our new pricing, they still have this control and price won't stand in the way of selecting the features that will make their accounting faster and easier. This way, every nonprofit, whether larger or very small, can benefit from the best nonprofit accounting software available."

By comparison, QuickBooks Online costs between $12.95 and $39.95 per month and only allows up to 5 users. While holding a significant share of the accounting software market, QuickBooks Online also does not offer fund accounting.

Fund accounting is a crucial element for churches and nonprofits to correctly track dedicated funds. Due to this necessity, Aplos Accounting was built for nonprofits to manage their fund accounting simply and accurately. As a Cloud-based software, users can access Aplos Accounting online from any location with an Internet connection, have multiple users with role-based permissions, and automatically back up data online. Information about Aplos Accounting can be found at www.aplos.com.

About Aplos Software

Aplos Software specializes in web-based software that makes it simple to manage a nonprofit. Named "an excellent choice for nonprofits" by CPA Practice Advisor, Aplos aims to make its software simple and intuitive, while maintaining excellence in accuracy, affordability, security and accessibility online.

Their suite of nonprofit software includes Aplos Accounting, a fund accounting software; Aplos Donor Management, a donor management software; Aplos e-File, a tax-prep and submission software; and Aplos Oversight, a management software for accountants or administrators to easily oversee the finances of multiple nonprofits or churches. Based in Fresno, California, Aplos Software was founded in 2009 and has had over 10,000 users sign up for its various software programs. For more information, visit www.aplos.com or call Aplos Software at (888) 274-1316.

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