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Aplos enhances nonprofit software to include online donor management

Fresno, CA - February 9, 2015 - Aplos Software, a web-based software company specializing in nonprofit software, unveiled Aplos Donor Relations today which provides a low-cost donor management solution for small and mid-sized organizations. The new product includes features for nonprofits to manage their donor database, monitor relationships for a healthy donor base, and send email communication to supporters. This expansion integrates with the existing Aplos nonprofit software suite that more than 10,000 organizations have used in the past two years to accept donations online, track donations, create contribution statements, prepare IRS Form 990, or manage the accounting.

Nonprofits with under one million in revenue make up the majority of tax-exempt organizations, yet they typically do not have the budget for traditional donor management software. Instead, these organizations combine a variety of low-cost or free options for email, accounting, processing donations, and tracking donations for contribution statements. Aplos Donor Relations combines these essential features in one web-based software that fits the budget of small and mid-sized nonprofits, so nonprofits save significant time every month by eliminating duplicate data entry and automatically tracking donations for multiple purposes within the software. In addition, contact profiles reflect the most recent donor activity and notes are shared between multiple users for more effective fundraising.

"A strong donor base starts with having a strong relationship with donors," said Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos. "We created Aplos Donor Relations to make it easy for nonprofits to communicate with donors, track relationships, as well as have the information they need at a glance to build trust with donors by providing meaningful, helpful communication."

Smaller nonprofit organizations are often limited on man-power, so Aplos's new Donor Relations platform utilizes "The Feed" so the most relevant and timely activity is available at a glance and can be responded to quickly. From the Feed, the user can see a reminder to make a follow-up call and log the communication, send a saved email template for a birthday, or email a personal note to welcome a new donor. The organization is able to maintain a healthier donor base by quickly noticing and responding to changes in donations, such as a donor experiencing difficulty processing a donation, a change in a recurring donation, or if a new donor gives to the organization.

Using the Aplos contact database (CRM), organizations can track communications, schedule reminder notifications, note important dates, view donation activity, see relationships, and add notes for every contact.

Organizations can also use the software to send emails to segmented groups or individuals, such as a monthly newsletter, invitation, donation request or update. They can also customize automatic emails, such as adding their logo and mission statement to email receipts for online donors. To make email communication even faster, frequently used emails can be created and saved as a template so they can be sent at any time.

A subscription for Aplos' online donor management software starts at $35 per month and includes unlimited users, 2,000 email recipients, donation tracking, donor management and email communication. Additional email recipients can be added to a subscription for $10 per month per 1,000 recipients. Fund accounting can be added to the subscription for an additional $15 per month. Organizations may sign up for a 15-day free trial of the Aplos nonprofit suite at www.aplos.com/nonprofit-donor-management.

About Aplos Software

Aplos Software specializes in web-based software that makes it simple to manage nonprofits. Named "an excellent choice for nonprofits" by CPA Practice Advisor, Aplos aims to make its software simple and intuitive, while maintaining excellence in accuracy, affordability, security, and online accessibility. The Aplos suite of nonprofit software includes Aplos Accounting, a fund accounting software; Aplos Donor Management, a donor management software; Aplos e-File, a tax-prep and submission software; and Aplos Oversight, a management software for accountants or administrators to easily oversee the finances of multiple nonprofits or churches. Based in Fresno, California, Aplos Software was founded in 2009 and has had over 10,000 organizations use its various software programs. For more information, visit www.aplos.com or call Aplos Software at (888) 274-1316.

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