People with Passion :: Iglesia de Dios Camino al Cielo

The Iglesia de Dios Camino al Cielo is one of Aplos’ oldest customers. They are a church in Miami Florida that has been around for over 15 years, and going strong! Oswaldo Anglero (Ozzie) is the bookkeeper for the church, and also handles some Executive Pastor responsibilities.

Ozzie’s father founded the church with the intent focused on serving their community, and supporting missionary work outside of the United States. Ozzie’s father has since retired from full-time ministry, but the church still highly values and pursues those two passions. More recently they have hired a new young pastor named Samuel I Molina who also shares the same passions as the church. Since then they have seen a steady increase in membership of around 100 a year! Currently they are looking into ways of utilizing the Internet and radio to expand their influence on the community even further.

Outside of the church’s focus, Ozzie has begun thinking of ways to use his bookkeeping experience and Aplos Software to help other churches in his area. Since Aplos allows for a user to have access to multiple organizations, we hope that someday Ozzie (and others) will be able to make bookkeeping simple for other churches in need of an accounting system.

We at Aplos are proud to have customers that make a difference, and we wish all the best for Ozzie and Iglesia de Dios Camino al Cielo in Miami, FL.

Alex is the Head Of Customer Success Aplos. He works with our development team to make changes and enhancements to the software. Alex loves to break down IT and financial concepts to make them easy to understand and to apply to real life situations. In his lessons on Aplos Academy, he draws on his degree in Business Administration and experience serving at his own church.

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