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Check-In: Label Configuration

Label Configuration

Label configuration allows you to configure your labels you will be printing with custom fields. This allows you to view the child and parent label and examples for both. To get to the configuration screen you will need to select the actions button on the top right as seen below:

This is where you can view your Label and Custom Fields. These examples are the templates for the check-in labels. To further configure and select your custom fields, three of the fields require new Custom Fields to be created then associated with the fields in the label. See below for more information.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to further customize what fields show up on your labels for Check-In. To create Custom Fields go HERE. Click on the green button on the top right to create a new custom field and then go back to the Label Configuration screen HERE.

Edit Configuration

After you have your Custom Fields and are needing to select them, select the Edit Configuration button on the top right.

This will pop a Custom Fields widget where you can select the custom fields you created as seen below:

Updated on April 10, 2019

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