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Adding your organization’s info in Aplos

The Org Info page of Aplos is helpful to complete upon the setup of your account. This page will include information of your organization that will populate reports (i.e. contribution statements), or allow you to upload a logo to view on your Aplos homepage. This will only take a few minutes to complete and will need to be done by an Aplos Administrator.

Step 1: Update Org Info

Click the Update Org Info button to complete the information requested. The Tax ID (EIN), organization name, and address will generate on your contribution statements to your donors, so it’s helpful to add this in from the beginning. Setting your Fiscal Year is important for budgeting and budget reports. This will let the system know what start and end date to pull for those budget reports. Don’t forget to add in your website (if applicable) and currency to finish this step!

Within this step, you’ll also set your donation URL. This will be the portion of the URL for your online donation forms that will show your organization’s name. For example, and online donation form URL will be “https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/YOURNAME/donate”. When you add in your organization’s name, let’s say it’s “New Life Assembly of God”, then you can enter “NewLifeAG” in the Primary Donations Setup and your online donation form URL will be “https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/NewLifeAG/donate”.

Your logo will show on your Aplos homepage and will also generate on your reports. Import your logo to make things customized for your team. Click Upload New Logo and import an existing logo that is saved on your computer. This can always be updated if your logo changes in the future.

Step 4: Communication Settings

You’ll want to double check your communication settings to be sure that the right people are getting the right notifications. Aplos will send notifications, such as billing notifications, so it’s important that the correct email addresses are listed here. You do not have to be an Aplos user to receive notifications.

Updated on December 13, 2018

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