New Aplos Dashboard!

The Aplos dashboard is now bold and brighter, but you also have some new convenient features to help you stay on track with your finances!


  • Financial Health: The new graphs and metrics are more than just pretty colors, they will show you your organization’s financials at a glance, whether that be your overall cash balance, your due expenses, or your net income for the month.
  • Customize: Click the gear at the bottom to change which graphs and metrics are shown so you can see the information that is most important to you.
  • Alerts: You can see important notices and recent activity here so you know when there is something you need to address.
  • Quicklinks: Use the link on the right to quickly find the page you need in the software.
  • Privacy: Not ready to show your financials? Click Privacy to hide your dashboard and see some helpful tutorials instead.

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