We are very excited to announce some new features and changes happening soon in your Aplos account! First things first, we’d like to confirm that these changes are ALL INCLUDED in your current subscription. So rest easy knowing that you are getting more tools for the same price. Below is an outline of all the changes and new features.

Software Navigation Improvements

  • The navigation bar will be located at the top of your screen instead of the left side of your screen giving you more room to work.
  • “Contacts” is renamed as “People” but will have the same functionality.
  • “Donations” includes donation tracking and fundraising tools including online donations, event registration, and pledges.
  • New “Marketing” includes email campaigns, letters, and auto emails.
  • New “Fund Accounting” holds all accounting functions, plus eFile for you to prepare and submit Form 990-N and Form 990-EZ.
  • New Quick add button is now available for all users in the top right hand corner of navigation.
New! Event Registration and Ticket Sales:
Below is a high level overview of some of the key components of the event registration feature that is coming soon.
  • Online ticket sales – Accept secure ticket sales and track it by purpose and fair market value.

  • Host free events – Accept online event registrations to your next big event.
  • Event invitations – Invite a specific list of supporters, then send email or print mailing labels for your invites.

  • Track attendees – Track event activity for your attendees in your contact database.

  • Monitor success – Gain insight into your event using customizable financial reports to track the overall health and value of your event.

New! Form 990-N and Form 990-EZ Free Filings:
All Aplos customers can now file Form 990-N and Form 990-EZ through Aplos for no additional cost. The e-File program is a new included benefit in your subscription and walks you through the process from start to finish for stress-free filing.
Be on the look out for another email from us that will have links to resources and even a webinar to sign up for to get a walk through of how to use the new feature. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team! Thank you for you continued support and trusting Aplos!

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