• New: More Beautiful and Shareable Accounting Reports

    We know just how important your financial reports are. They are shared with your board, accountant, management team, and even supporters. You need to communicate transparency, accuracy, and professionalism when it comes to your finances. That’s why we are launching a new Reports platform for Aplos Accounting. Today Aplos unveiled…

  • Budgeting Enhancements!

    When managing your budget in Aplos, you can now… Budget for 3 years at a time View current year actuals Export to excel Save as you go (no need to click Save)

  • New Aplos Dashboard!

    The Aplos dashboard is now bold and brighter, but you also have some new convenient features to help you stay on track with your finances! Financial Health: The new graphs and metrics are more than just pretty colors, they will show you your organization’s financials at a glance, whether that…

  • New Budgeting Feature

    Check out the new feature in budgeting where you can create a budget for the upcoming year. In addition, you can also view your current year, all historical years and even add past budgets so you can easily compare.

  • New Design Features for your Donation Form

    Your donation form is now even more flexible! Here are the latest feature updates that give you more control to craft the donation form that meets the needs of your organization. Custom Colors – you can create your own style and select any color for the header, footer and background….

  • Aplos Releases API Access

    Aplos has released its API so Aplos users can choose to securely share their data with other systems. This means if you are an Aplos user and also have developer skills, you can connect your Aplos data to another system at any time. You can generate your API key within…

  • Sub-Accounts, Receipts, and Donors, Oh My!

    Track More with Sub-Accounts You can now enhance your chart of accounts and track in more detail by creating sub-accounts. This feature is perfect for organizations that like detailed breakdowns of income and expenses. If you would like some professional assistance evaluating whether your organization needs sub-accounts, contact Aplos partner…

  • Feature Poll Results

    The results are in! 62% of you said you’d like to have the ability to attach receipts to your accounting transactions. 33% said they’d like to allow donors the option to pay transaction fees, and only 5% said they wanted to see Facebook profile pictures in their contacts. Stay tuned…

  • Aplos Launches Newest Product

    Words just don’t do it justice. Check out this video to experience all that this handy device has to offer.