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Total learning: 8 lessons Time: 8 hours

Launching Online Donations

In this lesson, we will walk through the online giving tools in Aplos and show you how to start using them in your organization. This video is directed toward nonprofit leaders, but the tools showcased in the software are applicable to churches as well. For best results, log in to your account in a separate window and follow along. Don’t have an account yet? Start a free trial.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Purposes
    Purposes are used to track the different types of contributions your organization receives, and once they are created, you can begin using them to record contributions. You can manually create your purposes or import them from another system. Go to your purposes in Aplos. View the resource on purposes.
  • WePay
    WePay is the payment processor for online transactions in Aplos. Set up a WePay account to accept online donations. Go to the WePay setup in Aplos. View the resource on WePay.
  • Online Forms And Widgets
    Create and customize forms and/or widgets for online donations. Go to your online forms and widgets in Aplos. View the resource for online donations.
  • Automatic Emails
    Create templates and set up automatic emails that will be sent when someone makes an online contribution. Go to your automatic emails in Aplos. View the resource for automatic emails.
  • My Aplos
    See what it looks like when people log in to Aplos to view their contributions or pledges, make changes, or give additional contributions. Go to My Aplos in your account. View the resource for My Aplos.
  • Contacts
    Update information for your contacts. Go to your contacts in Aplos. View the resource for creating contacts and editing their information.
  • Text To Give
    Text to Give allows people to send their gifts straight from their phones by texting your organization’s unique toll-free number. Go to Text to Give in Aplos. View the resource on Text to Give.
  • Contribution Statements
    Run reports to email or print contribution statements for everyone who donates to your organization. Go to the Donations by Contact report or Donations by Household report in Aplos to prepare your statements. View the resource on generating contribution statements.
  • Email Templates And Campaigns
    Communicate with your people using sleek emails that are quick to build. Go to your email templates and email campaigns in Aplos. View the resource for email campaigns and templates.