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Total learning: 8 lessons Time: 8 hours

Online Donation Management

Start utilizing online donation tools in Aplos, and learn how online transactions are managed in the software. For best results, log in to your account in a separate window and follow along. Don’t have an account yet? Start a free trial.

Topics we will cover include:

  • WePay
    WePay is the payment processor for online transactions in Aplos. Set up a WePay account to accept online donations. Go to the WePay setup in Aplos. View the resource on how to set up WePay.
  • Online Donation Forms
    Create and customize forms for online donations. Design your forms, give people the option to give one time or make recurring gifts, and allow them to pay transaction fees. Go to your online forms in Aplos. View the resource for online donation forms.
  • Donation Widgets
    Allow people to make online donations directly from your website by creating a widget. Go to your online widgets in Aplos. View the resource for using donation widgets.
  • Manage Donations In Your Accounting
    Automatically track online donations by linking them to your accounting. Configure your accounting in Aplos. View the resource for online donation transactions.
  • Text To Give
    Text to Give allows people to send their gifts straight from their phones by texting your organization’s unique toll-free number. Go to Text to Give in Aplos. View the resource on Text to Give.
  • Online Donations Screen
    Review all of the donations your organization receives online. Go to your online donations in Aplos. View the resource for the Online Donations screen.
  • Recurring Donations
    Keep track of the recurring donations people have set up to give to your organization, disable or re-enable recurring giving based on a donor’s request, and set up notifications for new recurring donations or failed donations. Go to your recurring donations in Aplos. View the resource for recurring donations.
  • Contributions And Deposits
    When someone makes an online donation to your organization, it will appear as a deposit in Aplos, where you can then review the details of those transactions. Go to your deposits in Aplos. View the resource for the Contributions and Deposits screens.
  • WePay Withdrawals
    Your WePay account balance needs to be periodically withdrawn and transferred to your bank account. Go to your WePay withdrawals in Aplos. View the resource on WePay withdrawals.
  • My Aplos
    See what it looks like when people log in to Aplos to view their contributions or pledges, make changes, or give additional contributions. Go to My Aplos in your account. View the resource for My Aplos.