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Total learning: 8 lessons Time: 8 hours

Organizing Your People Database

In this lesson, we will walk through common tasks to manage people and maintain a clean database. For best results, log in to your account in a separate window and follow along. Don’t have an account yet? Start a free trial.

Topics we will cover include: 



  • Use lists to group your contacts together in various ways. You can then send emails, generate letters, print mailing labels, or filter reports based on those groups of people. Go to your lists in Aplos. View the resource on creating lists.
  • Tailor your messaging to specific contacts by using List Designer to create Smart Lists with customized, segmented groups of people based on the criteria you choose. Go to your List Designer in Aplos. View the resource for how to use List Designer.

Households, Check-In, And Groups

  • Assign people to a household so you can generate household giving statements, view all transactions or contributions for a household, and more. Go to your households in Aplos. View the resource for creating households.
  • Check people in to events or kids in and out of classrooms with the check-in feature. Go to check-in in Aplos. View the resource for using check-in for events.
  • Create and manage groups of people within Aplos. Communicate with members, set tasks, plan meetings and events, invite people to volunteer, share documents, and more. Go to your Groups & Teams in Aplos. View the resource for getting started with Groups & Teams.