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Total learning: 10 lessons Time: 6 hours

Advanced Reporting: Financial Reporting Using Tags

This lesson provides an overview for how to create and use accounting tags for granular reporting so you can get better insight into the financial health of your programs, locations, or departments within your organization. We will look at tag types, how to enter a transaction and apply a tag, and walk through the most popular tag-based financial reports, including variations of Tag Statements and Tag Budget by Fund.

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Topics we will cover include:

  • What Are Accounting Tags?
    Accounting tags allow you to further categorize your transactions in order to see more detailed information on your reports. Tags provide an additional filter for income and expenses, but they don’t hold a balance. Tags are an add-on feature in Aplos. Go to your accounting tags in Aplos. View the resource on accounting tags.
  • How Are Funds Different From Tag Layers?
    A fund contains money your organization receives that is designated for a specific purpose. Each fund is like a mini entity within your organization that has its own separate chart of accounts. There is a separate lesson on the Fundamentals Of Accounts, Funds, And Tags that goes into more detail. Go to your chart of accounts in Aplos to create or edit funds. View the resource on what funds are.
  • What Should You Track Using Tags?
    You can rename tag categories and use them to track things such as department transactions, project expenses, fundraiser income and expenses, locations, and more. One of the tag layers available is for Form 990 categories to categorize your expenses and produce a financial report that makes it easier to prepare your Form 990. You can also group your tags for easier reporting.
  • Tag-Based Financial Reports
    You can include tag filters on the standard reports you run, or you can run tag-based reports to get the exact information you are looking for. You can also customize reports for your organization, print or export them, or email them directly to your board or staff members. Go to your reports in Aplos. View the resource on generating reports.