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Total learning: 10 lessons Time: 6 hours

Setting Up Your Accounting

In this lesson, you will get a detailed overview for how to set up the fund accounting for your organization and the steps you need to take to start tracking transactions and donations in Aplos. For best results, log in to your account in a separate window and follow along. Don’t have an account yet? Start a free trial.

Topics we will cover include:

  • Customizing Your Chart Of Accounts [1:25]
    Your chart of accounts includes your assets, liabilities, equity, income, and expenses. You can create your accounts and sub-accounts, and then group them together by type. Go to your chart of accounts in Aplos. View the resource on setting up a chart of accounts. You can also find an Excel template and instructions in this resource for importing your chart of accounts.
  • Starting Balances [17:05]
    Set the starting balances for your asset and liability accounts, as well as your funds. Go to your account starting balances in Aplos. View the resource on setting your starting balances.
  • Budgets [19:35]
    Create budgets for your various accounts. This will allow you to create budget to actual financial reports for different time periods and compare your budgets with what you actually spent. A separate lesson goes into this area in more detail. Go to your budgets in Aplos. View the resource on creating budgets.
  • Enter Transactions [24:40]
    Enter deposits and payments in your account register. Go to your account register in Aplos. A separate lesson covers bookkeeping basics and transaction entries in more detail. View the support resource on recording transactions. You can also import your transactions using an Excel template or bank integration. View the resource on importing transactions.
  • Purposes [33:00]
    Purposes are used to track the different types of contributions your organization receives. Once they are created, you can begin using them to record contributions. You can manually create your purposes or import them from another system. Go to your purposes in Aplos. View the resource on purposes. View the resource for how to import purposes.
  • Reports [39:55]
    Run the required accounting reports for your organization, such as your Income Statement and Balance Sheet. You can customize reports for your organization, print or export them, or email them directly to your board or staff members. Go to your reports in Aplos. View the resource for generating reports.