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Tracking Payroll In Your Accounting

In this lesson, you will learn how to track payroll for your organization, and ensure your salary, withholdings, and tax payments are logged correctly in your bookkeeping. We will walk through the common entries you will need to post, how to import entries, and how to track payroll in Aplos if you are using our partner, Gusto.

For best results, log in to your account in a separate window and follow along. Don’t have an account yet? Start a free trial.

We will cover the following topics and have noted the timestamps if you wish to skip ahead to review a specific area:

Payroll Overview

Payroll is used when your organization regularly pays someone who is on staff, whether they are hourly or salaried. It reflects what someone earns, but it also involves tracking taxes and benefits.

  • Taxes [4:14]
    When you withhold taxes from an employee’s paycheck, that amount becomes a tax liability for your organization. It’s money your organization owes the state and federal governments. Your organization likely has an employer portion of taxes you will owe as well, which will be tracked as an additional tax liability.
  • Employee Benefits [7:55]
    Your organization many withhold money that will be used for employee benefits, such as retirement, health insurance, dental insurance, etc. Your organization may also have an employer portion you will owe, such as a matching retirement fund contribution. These are tracked as benefit liabilities.

Accounting For Payroll

Gusto Integration With Aplos

  • Gusto Payroll [24:28]
    Aplos has partnered with Gusto so you can easily process payroll and record it in your accounting. Gusto takes care of the tax liability associated with your payroll so you don’t have to keep track of it. Go to your payroll in Aplos. If you have not started an account with Gusto yet, you can get your first three months free from the Gusto partner webpage. View the resource for tracking payroll.