Sub-Accounts, Receipts, and Donors, Oh My!

Track More with Sub-Accounts
You can now enhance your chart of accounts and track in more detail by creating sub-accounts. This feature is perfect for organizations that like detailed breakdowns of income and expenses. If you would like some professional assistance evaluating whether your organization needs sub-accounts, contact Aplos partner Wisdom Over Wealth for a review of your chart of accounts and consultation for a one-time fee. Wisdom Over Wealth can be reached by phone at (617) 921-9321 or email Bill O’Connell at

Upload Receipts to your Accounting
Thanks for your votes. Due to popular demand, you can now upload your receipts and attach them to a transaction to improve your record keeping and internal controls. By scanning or taking a photo of your receipt, you no longer need to worry about losing receipts and wondering if you entered a transaction correctly. An auditor or administrator can also easily spot-check entries from a distance to ensure they are accurate. Every Aplos account has up to 1 GB of file storage available for no additional charge. Simply click the paperclip icon in the check register to upload a receipt.

Donors Now Have Option to Pay Transaction Fees
There is a new payment option for your donation webpage that will help your organization reduce the costs of online payments. You can now add the option for your donors to pay the transaction fee for making a donation online. Since online donors enjoy the convenience of paying online, they may be willing to add the cost of the transaction fees to their donation so your organization receives the full value of their donation. If you would like to add this feature to your donation webpage, you can find it under Payment Options when editing your donation webpage.

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