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"Aplos is easy to understand and implement. It's so much easier to use than QuickBooks!" — Paula Mills, Kids Against Hunger

Aplos is trusted by over 40,000 organizations.

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Everything You Need To Easily Manage The Books


Manage your finances with true fund accounting to track designated funds.


Compare your budget to actual accounting for the year or specifically by each fund.


Easily create the reports you need to track your donation activity, financials, and the balance of your funds.


Customize your chart of accounts with advanced features to fit your organization.


Generate contribution statements and robust donor reporting for all your needs.


Online access on any device with automatic data backups and shared access permission.


Build custom financial reports by project, location, or department.


Tag income and expenses to pull reports to quickly complete the annual Form 990.


Easily manage multiple entities in Aplos.
Make it simple to track true financial health across your nonprofit.
"Aplos" means simple in Greek and we believe that by creating a software made for the unique needs of nonprofits, we can make it simple for you to do accounting the right way. With Aplos Accounting you can slice and dice your financial reporting to see the exact data you need across your organization. Whether that is the expenses applied to your grant across multiple programs or managing the budgets of separate projects, you can go as high level or as granular as you need.

Flexible Accounting Plan Options
Whether you have simple or robust accounting needs, there is a plan for your nonprofit.

* Advanced level only available with an annual contract.
    • Starter

      $ 25 mo
      • Starter plan includes:
      • Fund Accounting
      • Reporting
      • Budgeting
    • Standard

      $ 40 mo
      • All Starter features plus:
      • Contributions Management
      • Manage Recurring Donations
      • Donation Tracking
      • Track Special Gifts
    • Advanced

      $ 150 mo
      • All Standard features plus:
      • Custom Reporting
      • Budget by Fund
      • Project/Dept/Fundraising Reporting
      • Automatic Recurring Transactions
      • Form 990 Reporting
      • Fixed Assets & Allocations
        (Optional Upgrade)

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We are here to equip you with the powerful, effective system you need and help you feel confident that you are doing it right. Our experts provide:

  • Set-up assistance, customized reporting assistance, and ongoing support
  • Free unlimited phone, email, and chat support
  • Award-winning Aplos Academy and Support Center for tutorials

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