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"Makes it easy for nonprofits, and doesn't charge a significant amount of money, it's a breath of fresh air..." - NPTechNews.com

Over 14,000 nonprofits chose Aplos last year. Join the movement.
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I'm a nonprofit

You're a nonprofit. That means bookkeeping can be much simpler if you use accounting software built for nonprofits & churches.

Easily accomplish daily tasks like:
  • Managing donations
  • Tracking money in designated funds
  • Creating nonprofit reports

That's why more than 14,000 nonprofits around the world chose Aplos last year alone.
Easy Online Nonprofit Accounting Software

I want it to be easy

Save time on your accounting so you can spend more time on your mission.

  • Create contribution statements in minutes
  • Import transactions directly from your bank
  • Automatically track donations in your accounting
  • Avoid workarounds needed with a business software

That's why users who switch from QuickBooks say they save valuable hours every week.
Nonprofit Accounting Software Done Right Online

I want my accounting done right

Get peace of mind that your accounting and donations are correct.

  • Scales to meet our skills and reporting needs
  • The software does the hard work for you
  • Free unlimited support and training
  • Same security as banks

That's why 97% of our customers recommend Aplos.

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