Innovators and Experts making an impact.

Meet the people behind Aplos. We aren't satisfied with just building software. We want to make something that matters. We all have unique causes we support and love that Aplos can make a positive impact on nonprofits globally.

With team members located in Fresno, California, California's Bay Area, and Europe, Aplos has attracted individuals who are experts in their field, believe in doing the right thing, and love a challenge.

Aplos is truly a great place to work and filled with people who love to do great work. Which is why we win awards like these on a regular basis.

Tim Goetz
CEO, Co-Founder
"Challenge Accepted"
Matt Serrano
CTO, Co-Founder
Kevin Watson
Head of IT, Co-Founder
Three of Many

Alex Acree
Customer Success Director
Employee Zero
Christy Qualle
Head of Revenue
Reality Checker
Shannon Beery
Ray of Sunshine
John Fletcher
Software Engineer
Master of Distraction
Eric Nasalroad
Strategic Advisor
Tuxedo Model
Megan Russell
Marketing Systems Manager
Brute Force
Daniel Van Gerpen
Graphic Designer
Jayne Fossett
Customer Success Manager
Blue Steel
Jose Salguero
Software Engineer
Disaster in Disguise
Holly Philpot
Police Officer
Dan Kimball
Product Specialist
Justin Crumley
Quality Assurance Ninja
Roberto Gonzalez
Software Engineer
Rebel by Choice
Aaron Hernandez
Customer Success
Supernatural Solution Seeker
Joshua Muster
Web Developer
Conjunction of Polymathic Catachresis
Marco Fernández
Software Engineer
High-Flying Coder
Cecilio Zaragoza
Senior Account Executive
"Coffee is for Closers"
Jordan Walker
Customer Success
Addicted Skateboarder
Michael Rosales
Customer Success
The Closer
Jeremy Covert
Account Executive
The Brewed Awakening
Ashley Nelson
Customer Success
"Disney Queen"
Alborz Ghalamkarpour
Quality Assurance Ninja
Questions & Answers
Darrah Bonander
Customer Success
Brandon Burkhard
Customer Success
Maritza Villalobos
Customer Success
Magician Equivalent
Scott Smith
Vice President of Product
"They Call Me Steve"
Clay Harmon
Content Creator
Kaer Morhen Drop-Out
Jeff Bergman
"Soup to Nuts"
Trey Vaughn
Customer Development Representative
Rob Aguilera
Software Engineer
"Canary in the Gold Mine"
Derek Scharton
Software Engineer
Mr. Manhattan
Jeff Doolittle
Software Engineer
The Showman
Katy Kelly
Customer Success
Ryan Joneson
Director Of Marketing
Marcus Allen
Customer Success
"No, I've never played football"
Michael Barker
Customer Success
"Not related to Bob"
Micheli Santoyo
Customer Success
Dog Whisperer
Jordan Perez
Account Executive
"They call me 'Perez'"
Mark Pittenger
Customer Success
"What did I tell you about yeppers?"
Miguel Bermudez
Customer Success
Hi Five Donations
Matt Brattin
VP of Analytics
"I format things"
Soledad Freeman
Customer Success
"Yes, I have heard that joke before..."
Amanda-Jacqueline "AJ" Mendez
Account Onboarding Manager
Your Designated Tour Guide
Serena Xiong
Customer Success
"I have a title?"

First Five Child Friendly Business
Forty Under Forty Award
Gold Stevie Award
Addy Award

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