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Connect To Your People With The Ultimate Nonprofit CRM Software

Get everything you need to deepen engagement, build donor relationships, and ensure successful fundraising. Our robust, cloud-based nonprofit CRM software includes relationship and donor management, online fundraising tools, a member portal, and more.

Manage Relationships

The more you know about your people, the more they feel connected. The Aplos CRM helps you see all the details you need in a single database, like households, group involvement, volunteer preferences, birthdays, your communication and interactions, and your personal notes.

Smart Donor Management Database With Better Data

Leverage your dynamic donor management database to create complete donor profiles that not only track contact info for your constituents, but also include communication activity and interactions, notes, important files, and giving history in a single nonprofit CRM software. Add the fields and contact tags you need to track the data you care about most.

Custom And Dynamic Contact Lists

Lists can help you reach out to the right people at the right time with marketing tools that are built into your nonprofit CRM. Build as many lists as you need to filter your reports, customize your communications outreach, and streamline your fundraising. You can also build evergreen lists based on rules that always pull the contact list you need, such as new donors last month, people who registered for events, or constituents with unfulfilled pledges.

Manage Volunteers

Increase staff efficiency by scheduling meetings, communicating to everyone in the group, managing volunteer signups, and delegating tasks in a secure portal. Track attendance, and store minutes, agendas, and more. You can access everything in one place, and easily onboard or engage your volunteers.

Track People's Activity In Your Nonprofit CRM Software

Get insights on people's journeys for personalized outreach, gift cultivation, and robust reporting.

track people's activity in your software

Robust Reporting

Donation history and growth are tracked in the nonprofit CRM software for long-term donor relationships. Dynamic reports contain the info and analytics you need for your constituents. Notifications of important activity in the CRM make it easy to welcome new people, re-engage those who are slipping away, and always make your loyal donors feel appreciated during the fundraising process.

Event Management

Create unlimited online registration forms to collect RSVPs for free public events, or sell tickets or tables for your next fundraising event, performance, retreat, or march. Registrants are automatically tracked in your nonprofit CRM software so you can use a dynamic list that is always up to date. You can also track attendance and generate name tags for your events, meetings, and volunteers.

Communication Prompts

Get suggestions to increase donor retention rates based on recent activity or important dates listed on the profiles in your CRM software, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Marketing & Communication

Your nonprofit CRM software powers your communications so you can effectively share your message and engage your supporters.

Built-In Marketing Tools

Your nonprofit CRM software is connected to a complete platform of digital marketing tools. You can easily send a single email to a supporter, updates to event registrants, automated emails after online donations, or bulk emails to your customized lists of people. Whether you are sending direct mail, a monthly update, a thank you note, or launching a new fundraising campaign, you can tailor your mail-merge letters with dynamic fields to speak directly to your supporters. You can also generate the names and addresses of people in your custom contact lists to create mailing labels. This will save you time if you need to send a large volume of mail. You can easily create and print mailing labels by household or individual.

Bulk Texting (Optional Upgrade)

With more people going mobile, it's important to connect with people using their preferred method of communication. SMS text messages can be the most effective method to send out urgent and timely messages so your constituents know about updates, volunteer opportunities, or how to connect with your cause. With Aplos, you can send and respond to text messages right from the CRM.

Address Verification For Successful Direct Mail Campaigns (Optional Upgrade)

Address Verification automatically checks your contacts' primary addresses nightly against the USPS database to standardize the address format in your CRM. It also updates addresses when people move, reducing the amount of incorrect recipients and returned mail while potentially increasing fundraising in your organization. This automated marketing tool is simple to set up and ensures you have the most up-to-date addresses for your people in your CRM—with zero time spent by you.

nonprofit marketing and communication

Donation Tracking & Online Fundraising

No more extra spreadsheets. Track your donations once in your CRM, and have them magically appear in your accounting and on donation statements.

track people's activity in your software

Track Donations And Pledges By Individuals And Households

You get a complete donor management software in the Aplos nonprofit CRM, which will help you maximize your fundraising efforts. Batches of online and offline donations are tracked by purpose for giving statements and automatically entered in your accounting.

Online Donations And Recurring Donations

Create unlimited online fundraising forms and widgets, and customize them to meet your needs. All donations given online are tracked by person and purpose, and their contact info will be automatically added to your nonprofit CRM. Easily share widgets on fundraising pages on your website, and share forms on your social media accounts for peer-to-peer fundraising.

Secure Online Portal And Payments

Streamline your fundraising by offering people a way to manage their own contributions and recurring gifts. Donors have a secure portal to log in to the software to view their donation history, select their billing preferences, and manage their giving schedules. All contributions use PCI-compliant payment processing to keep their data secure.

Automatic Gift Acknowledgments And Giving Statements

The Aplos CRM automates many tasks for easier fundraising. Anyone who gives to your nonprofit will automatically receive an emailed receipt for each contribution, event registration, or text gift. Tax-deductible contributions are tracked by individual, so you can quickly prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual giving statements with a single click. You also have the option to generate a consolidated giving statement per household.

Not Just A Nonprofit CRM: Aplos Connects Your People, Fundraising, And Finances

accounting software for nonprofits
Love Inc. Review of Aplos

We are so pleased to find such a user-friendly, all encompasing donor and accounting database!

- Tyan H.

Development Manager

Love Inc.

Source: Capterra

accounting software for nonprofits

Use Your CRM Software To Keep Track Of Data And Know Your People Better

accounting software for nonprofits

Comprehensive Contact Database

In addition to phone, email, address, and basic contact information, you can add birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates to donor profiles. Identify family members, and add employer, school connections, and more to your CRM. You can also add notes, contact tags, and custom fields for other essential details, like which fundraising tactics your people connected with best.

accounting software for nonprofits

Giving History And Pledges

Giving history is tracked in the CRM software by purpose to easily pull reports, including donations by contact or household, LYBUNT, SYBUNT, and top benefactor. Track pledges and make notes for staff to easily follow up when fundraising.

accounting software for nonprofits

Communication Preferences And History

See all of your personal calls, emails, and letters in a single profile view to get a complete look at your organization's communication. Streamline your outreach by adding members to households in your CRM, and set communication preferences for text and email marketing for more personalized fundraising.

accounting software for nonprofits

Track Important Relationship Details

Track, grow, and strengthen your supporter relationships using the Aplos CRM. Log your calls and notes for follow-up and fundraising, and even add files, such as volunteer applications. You can also create user roles to limit the information staff and volunteers can view.

accounting software for nonprofits

Event Participation And Involvement

Track participation in your CRM to gauge involvement. Use the convenient check-in feature to track attendance so you can follow up with people afterward, whether they attended or not.

accounting software for nonprofits

Database Maintenance Tools

Import contacts, manage duplicates, and verify addresses in your CRM to easily keep your contact lists complete and up to date, increasing staff efficiency.

Foster Park Sports Review of Aplos

The donation management platform is worth it by itself. It's a very crucial part in bringing in money to non profits and Aplos allows you to track all of the data.

- Clayton P.

Vice President

Foster Park Sports

Source: Capterra

5 Best Practices For Improving Fundraising Using Your Nonprofit CRM

accounting software for nonprofits

Use A CRM System With Built-In Fundraising Features

Nonprofits tend to use a variety of software programs that cater to specific tasks, which can cause a logistical nightmare. Oftentimes, these programs aren't integrated, and people end up spending hours inputting the same data repeatedly in each system, like a fundraising software and a separate CRM. Stop wasting your time, and start using a CRM software that covers everything you need, from managing donors and fundraising to fund accounting and event registration.

accounting software for nonprofits

Build Long-Term Relationships Using In-Depth Donor Profiles

Your nonprofit has the potential to form meaningful, valuable connections with people that will lead to the creation of a loyal supporter network. The Aplos CRM effectively captures fundraising history and extensive contact profile data. Profiles are robustly built to capture all the basic info you need to keep track of your contacts, including their names, addresses, and emails. You can also add notes and create fields for additional information in your CRM, such as giving ability, communication preferences, social media accounts, education, employers, etc.

accounting software for nonprofits

Create Audience List Segments

No matter how tempting it may be, it isn't a good idea to send every communication to every person on your contact list. It may cause people to unsubscribe because they don't feel like they can connect with most of your content, or they may even feel like they're being spammed, which can harm your relationship with them and impair your fundraising. You can increase engagement and have more successful fundraising by creating specific buckets of your constituents in your CRM so you can segment your communication by different audiences.

accounting software for nonprofits

Leverage Digital Marketing, Direct Mail, And Text Messaging

Engagement is about being timely and intentional with your outreach, marketing, and fundraising asks. Communicate with a purpose, and leave your supporters with a good feeling about you, your organization, and any fundraising you do. Pay attention to people's communication preferences, record that info in your CRM software, and utilize various methods to reach them. You'll also want to be sure to respond when someone contacts you. Doing so not only improves people's experience with your organization, but it also makes them feel like they matter.

accounting software for nonprofits

Ensure Accuracy In Your Donation Reporting

Nonprofit reports are meant to keep the organization accountable with people's donations, which means those reports need to be completely accurate. Fund accounting focuses on accountability and stewardship, and a true fund accounting software allows your organization to be fully transparent with what your nonprofit is doing with people's donations. This increases trust, which in turn, tends to lead to increased donations. With Aplos, any contributions you receive from online fundraising will automatically be recorded in the CRM and in your accounting.

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Jumpstarting Your Fundraising Efforts

Learn how to set up your nonprofit CRM software so you can develop a successful fundraising campaign. This eBook provides concrete strategies, tips, and tools for nonprofit fundraisers and organizations. It includes help for board fundraising, individual giving, and online fundraising campaigns.

See The Aplos Nonprofit CRM In Action

With the Aplos CRM, you can get to know your people better and keep donors, members, and prospects engaged with your nonprofit for better fundraising. In this video library, you can explore everything that is included in the software. See for yourself how powerful Aplos is yet how simple it is to use.

Free Support For Your Organization

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Free Support

Unlike other software providers, we encourage you to reach out by phone, email, or message. Our team has a heart for helping your nonprofit succeed, so we are here to help. Our support team can provide the answers to your questions, which means you can get back to your mission.

Live Coaching

Our award-winning team of experts provides live, ongoing training for all customers so you have a real person who will provide knowledgeable advice and tips for best practices.

Ongoing Training

Get the resources and tutorials you need at any time from our Support Center and Training Center. These will walk you through common steps so you can quickly get set up and learn at your own pace.

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