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Small Church Accounting Software Guide

by Clay Harmon


Finding accounting software for a small church can be a daunting task. It costs a lot of money, and you won’t know until later that you made the right choice. You have to learn (or try to learn) how to use the software first. There are plenty of platforms out there, but you need to find which one is best for your church. How do you go about finding the best one when so much time and money is on the line?

Accounting Software for Small Churches: Where to Begin

As a preliminary step, you’ll need to research, and then research some more. User reviews and third-party review sites like Capterra are great sources for learning about software platforms. They show you which software is tailored to which types of organizations. A platform’s effectiveness depends on the size and needs of an organization, so do your homework if you’re looking for small church accounting software. The payoff will definitely be worth it. You’ll be spending time and money learning the new platform, so it’s best to make sure you’ve picked the right one before you sink all of that time into a program.

Check out this awesome article written by our friend Vicky on the three mistakes people make when trying to find the right church accounting software.

Your Friends Are a Free Resource

Getting opinions of friends in other churches is an effective way for getting an informed opinion without a hidden agenda. However, keep in mind that the needs of your church and their church will vary. What works for them may not work for you. Here are things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for accounting software:

  1. Your church’s budget for software
  2. The cost of support and updates
  3. Ease of use
  4. Payroll integration options
  5. Reporting capabilities

Approaching the problem of finding the right accounting software for small churches should be a measured approach. Don’t rush into a commitment. A free trial can tell you a lot and help you make an informed decision.

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