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The 80/20 Marketing Rule For Social Media In Nonprofits

by Eric Burgess

Let’s say you’ve been marketing for a while and you’re looking for a new strategy to reach or engage your nonprofit audience on social media. Or maybe you’ve seen a drop in activity, such as comments, likes, and shares on your Facebook page. This could be because your nonprofit isn’t following best practices for marketing on social media.

Keep in mind that people don’t want organizations marketing to all of the time. Even when it’s from their favorite brand, most people really only have the capacity to be marketed to about 20% of the time. Beyond that, many will unlike or unfollow a page or account that appears to always want to sell something.

A successful brand marketer will spend about 80% of the time engaging and having fun with their audience, or providing practical information about the industry they serve in. That may be tips and tricks for how to do things or how to succeed in the field. At Aplos, part of our strategy includes trying to share news on social media that’s relevant to the nonprofit space. We also provide helpful blog material for organizations.

Simply put, the 80/20 marketing rule should serve as a reminder to nonprofits when it comes to their social media strategy. Building trust with your audience matters, so keep 80% of your content unrelated to marketing your brand. The other 20% can include marketing and the hard sell.

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