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The Pros And Cons Of Nonprofit Events

by Dan Kimball
event planning for nonprofit organizations

Curious about nonprofit events? Not sure what is best for your organization? Check out this quick 5-minute video on the pros and cons associated with planning an event for your nonprofit organization.

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If you do decide to hold an event for your nonprofit organization, Aplos can help. It’s simple to accept event registration online. You decide when tickets go on sale, when early-bird discounts end, and when online ticket sales should end. Registration forms allow you to collect RSVPs for free events. You can also easily set the number of tickets available, and allow attendees to purchase individual tickets or the option to purchase a bundle of seats, such as a table.

Because each event is unique, you can easily send emails from within the system to individuals or contact segments. Plus, each registration receives an automatic email receipt for quick registration confirmation.

Aplos will automatically track payments in your accounting. Set the fair-market value of each ticket and the purpose of the event, so it will flow seamlessly into both your accounting and contribution statements, if tax-deductible. Registrants are also automatically tracked in the database so you can use a dynamic list for your planning and communications that is always up to date.

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