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Webinar: The Taxman Cometh! Pastors, Are You Ready?

by Eric Burgess

We want to help you and your church stay aboveboard. In this webinar, we will help you solve the 7 biggest tax problems pastors, priests, and other clergy members face today. Although your circumstance may differ from others, there are some commonalities all pastors should pay attention to and follow when it comes to paying taxes.

There is no guarantee pastors won’t be audited, even if they report their income the right way. But if pastors don’t report their income in the way the IRS expects to see it, they are more likely to get flagged for a tax audit for not following the rules. So if you report your income the right way, it will reduce the likelihood of an audit.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  1. Reporting your income
  2. How to report a housing allowance
  3. Reporting your ministry expenses
  4. Reporting your non-church income (for bi-vocational pastors or honorariums)
  5. How to avoid paying so much in taxes
  6. How to avoid getting audited by the IRS
  7. Reporting health insurance reimbursements on your taxes

We’ll also have a special Q&A at the end to answer all your questions about problems pastors have with their taxes, as well as those you may have about Aplos Church Accounting.

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