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Webinar: Ministry Team Building For Your Church

by Dan Kimball
Church Management Tips

When it comes to church management, do the various groups and volunteer teams in your church or ministry run smoothly? It can be a challenge when each group has its own activities and events to manage. Likewise, you want to be able to provide them all with the best tools suited to their specific needs. The Groups and Teams feature in Aplos Software allows your church to build groups of people so you can easily manage members, volunteers, teams, or committees.

Streamline communication, and share secure access to anyone on your team to keep them engaged. Leaders can manage volunteer signups, track meetings, and keep their rosters up to date. The group can also quickly communicate with each other.

Our one-hour webinar on building teams will explore the following:

  • Tips and tools for better coordinating volunteers, group members, and committees
  • Church team-building tools for volunteers and group leaders
  • How using any software that manages group and team membership can strengthen the effectiveness of the management of your people
  • Best practices for managing groups, volunteers, and teams
  • How to use church management software to organize your teams

Does everyone communicate well and have all the right tools for success? Find out now by watching our free webinar for church team building.

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