We’re Adding Portalbuzz to our Growing Product Suite — Why This is Great News for Aplos

Hey, everyone. Tim here. I’m pleased to announce that Aplos has officially merged with Portalbuzz, a leading member management software provider that offers a dynamic web builder, member invoicing, event registration, and a member portal to manage groups and volunteer sign-ups. When I first met Scott Smith from Portalbuzz several years ago, he was working with Kiwanis International, and I could tell he shared my same commitment to building trusted and affordable software for nonprofits. I’ve loved what Portalbuzz has done since and firmly believe that together, we will make the lives of those working in a nonprofit easier.

As CEO, I want to offer a huge thanks to all Aplos and Portalbuzz folks—employees, customers, partners, and developers—who have made this step in our evolution possible. I also want to personally thank Scott and officially welcome him in his new role here at Aplos as the VP of Product.
Here are a couple of reasons we’re excited about this move:

  1. Portalbuzz is just as passionate as we are about helping you in your journey. There are plenty of different “types” of company mergers, and not all of them care about preserving the other company’s culture, technologies, or team. I’m thrilled to report that Portalbuzz’s commitment to you matches our own and I am every bit excited to have them join Aplos.
  2. Portalbuzz’s strengths match Aplos’s needs, and vice versa. Together, we will continue creating intuitive software that allows you to spend more time on your organization’s core mission. Portalbuzz has established some amazing front-office functions, like their new website builder, a unified event registration, and their intuitive member portal. By teaming up, we can offer a unique package for nonprofits, allowing us to meet the versatile needs of those who strive to make an impact in our world.
  3. Aplos loves Portalbuzz and the Portalbuzz community.  I first met Scott several years ago when he was the Chief Technology Officer of Kiwanis. This was when Aplos became a recommended software partner for the Kiwanis International service clubs (Aplos is an official software provider for National Exchange Club and Optimist International as well). Scott and I both have appreciated the unique work of small clubs, which is why we built software to serve their needs. In doing a deal like this, we are going to be doubling down on our commitment to you.

We’ll have plenty of other details in the coming weeks and months. Just know that if you’re an Aplos user today, all of this is terrific news. The result of this deal will put even greater product innovations into your hands, and faster!

Tim Goetz
CEO, Aplos

Frequently Asked Questions  

I’m an Aplos customer— will support still be free?

Yes, and we expect our joined customer bases to benefit from our single point of contact through the same Aplos support that you’ve known all along.

Will pricing change on any products that I’m subscribed to?

Nope, there will be no new changes to your current subscription price.

Will any products be discontinued or phased out?

Nada. None. Zilch. You will be able to continue using Aplos and all of its features the same as always. In the not-so-distant-future, you may notice expanded features that allow your organization to easily add some of the Portalbuzz front-office features. But, as always, that wouldn’t happen without us giving you a heads up!


I am an entrepreneur with a background in accounting, SaaS, and nonprofit management. I've had the pleasure of being a founder or co-founder for several startups, helping to build them to sustainability. Today, I serve as CEO of Aplos Software, trying to couple my understanding of Accounting and nonprofit management, to produce sorely needed business management software for the 1 million smaller nonprofit organizations in the US.

3 thoughts on “We’re Adding Portalbuzz to our Growing Product Suite — Why This is Great News for Aplos

  1. I just started using Constant Contact, as Bloomerang’s template offering was so limited. CtCt is great for communicating with mailing lists and donors. Does Portalbuzz work like CtCt?

  2. Sorry for the inconvenience, Rick. PayPal integration is a little wonky (as are some 3rd party integrations), but it does work. Have you reached out to our support team?

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