Aplos Officially Partners with Gusto for Payroll

If your New Year’s resolution is to find a better solution for your payroll, this is perfect timing. We are proud to announce a new partnership with leading cloud-based payroll software, Gusto.

This partnership connects the Aplos fund accounting software with Gusto’s full-service payroll and HR solution to form a complete financial system that will grow with any nonprofit, church, or school. As a part of this strategic partnership, Aplos and Gusto systems will fully integrate, so Aplos customers can seamlessly import Gusto payroll runs in their accounting without a manual export/import process. This means you will save more time and have fewer errors since there is less manual data entry.

“When you are trying to change the world you don’t want to get stuck doing paperwork. This partnership with Gusto eliminates countless hours of administrative time,” said Tim Goetz, CEO of Aplos. “Nine out of ten customers say Gusto is easier than other payroll solutions, so I truly believe our nonprofit and church customers will feel this partnership makes their jobs easier so they can put their focus back on their mission.”

Gusto is a web-based service with tools to manage payroll, benefits, and human resources. It automatically calculates, pays, and files federal, state, and local payroll taxes, as well as manages W2’s, 1099’s, and new hire forms, which is particularly helpful for organizations without a dedicated payroll expert. Gusto can also accommodate the unique needs of churches, such as pastoral housing allowances.

Here are the five reasons why Aplos users will love using Gusto:

  1. Gusto makes payroll easy. Not only do you get unlimited payroll runs, but Gusto files your W-2s and taxes on your behalf – super simple.
  2. Gusto can save you time. We know payroll is probably the last thing you want to do when there are so many important demands on your time. Most Gusto users run their payroll in under five minutes.
  3. Gusto helps you get it right. Four out of five Gusto customers have fewer payroll errors when using Gusto.
  4. Gusto syncs with Aplos. Your payroll entries can be seamlessly entered as Aplos journal entries for faster bookkeeping.
  5. Aplos users can try Gusto free for 90 days. This extended free trial is an exclusive benefit for Aplos users. Use the link above to sign up for your 90-day trial.

“We are thrilled to expand our support of nonprofits by partnering with Aplos. Gusto and Aplos share the same vision by making it simpler to manage nonprofits and churches so they can focus on their core mission. Our fully integrated partnership with Aplos will give nonprofits and churches a more streamlined way of managing their payroll and accounting needs,” said Mike Triantos, Head of Partnerships at Gusto.


About Aplos

Nonprofits have unique accounting needs, including tracking restricted funds and donations. When nonprofits use small business accounting software, such as QuickBooks, the accounting can get complicated with work-arounds and manual spreadsheets. Aplos is designed specifically for these unique needs, making it simpler to correctly manage finances, prepare reports, and demonstrate funds are used correctly. 

Aplos makes it simple to manage a nonprofit so leaders can focus on their mission. One of the leading providers of online nonprofit accounting and donation software, Aplos was used by over 20,000 nonprofit and church leaders in over 125 countries last year. Based in California, Aplos Software was founded in 2009. For more information, visit www.aplos.com or call Aplos Software at (888) 274-1316.

I am an entrepreneur with a background in accounting, SaaS, and nonprofit management. I've had the pleasure of being a founder or co-founder for several startups, helping to build them to sustainability. Today, I serve as CEO of Aplos Software, trying to couple my understanding of Accounting and nonprofit management, to produce sorely needed business management software for the 1 million smaller nonprofit organizations in the US.

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