"As a cloud-based product, Aplos offers unparalleled access to the product from anywhere, making it a terrific choice for nonprofits with multiple offices, or those that have employees working from home."

Mary Girsh-Bock, CPA Practice Advisor
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"Aplos Accounting has the advantage of being easy to use and low cost, ideally suited for small nonprofits."

Glenn Tyndall, About.com
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"I had to see how good this software is for that price, so I set my own church up in it and I love it! Our church secretary loves it! No catch, just a good Christian company wanting to help churches and nonprofits."

Vicki Boatwright, FreeChurchAccounting.com
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"When software like Aplos comes around that makes it easy for nonprofits, and doesn't charge a significant amount of money, it's a breath of fresh air... I think that any charity who has a need for an accounting software or donor relations software should give Aplos a try."

- NPTechNews.com
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"We can enter donations weekly in one-third the time it took with Quickbooks. This is how fund accounting software should be: straightforward and uncomplicated."
Samantha Kelley

"It's helped us grow internally as an organization so that we can be more effective in the external services we provide."
Artie Padilla
Every Neighborhood Partnership
"This application is the best there is for simple, accurate, easy to use fund accounting. It has a very powerful feature set, yet it is simple to use. I cannot imagine what we would be doing as an organization without this."
Steve Robertson
Christian Life International Church

"I can't find anything else that does what Aplos does for the price."
Maureen Rico
Personal Family Foundation

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