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Advanced Accounting For Multisite Churches

One easy-to-use financial software made for all of your granular reporting needs
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Personalize your church's accounting and track true financial health across your church

Harness the ability to slice and dice your financial reporting to see the exact data you need across your funds, departments, projects, and locations. Whether that is the costs of your Children's Ministry across each of your campuses, or viewing the expenses of your Mission fund by project, you can go as high level or as granular as you need.

Smarter membership database to help you get the full picture

Departmental, Location, and Project Accounting all in one system

Aplos Advanced Accounting makes it simple for you to monitor the financial health of each of your church campuses, departments, and ministries. You can create budgets and custom tags to track your most important areas of your organizations, then label your transactions so you can accomplish more flexible reporting, all while maintaining impeccable fund accounting.

Smarter membership database to help you get the full picture

Made by a CPA and former executive pastor of a multisite church

Tim Goetz is not only the CEO of Aplos, he is also a CPA and a former executive pastor and administrator for a growing multisite church. He knows exactly what data every church should see to make strong financial decisions and just how hard most accounting software out there is to get that data. He has led the Aplos team to make this accounting software the perfect solution for churches that have multiple locations and ministries.


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