Why Nonprofits Choose
Aplos Over QuickBooks Online
Tired of using over complicated software that can't fit your nonprofit's needs? Aplos is made just for nonprofits and churches, so that accounting is easier, not harder.

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Made For Nonprofits
Lets face it. You're a nonprofit. You need software that can do real fund accounting to manage your nonprofit's income and expenses, as well as the nonprofit reports you need.
Easy to use
Fund accounting can be simple when using a software made for nonprofits. We will walk you through getting set up so you have no problem pulling the exact reports you need every time.
Free Support
At Aplos, our friendly support team is available to help you get set up, feel comfortable in the system, and be confident you are doing it right.
Happy Customers
We take pride in building the software nonprofits need to easily manage their organization. Folks find Aplos user-friendly and simple, earning us a 97% customer satisfaction rate!

Made for Small Businesses
QuickBooks is a great software for small BUSINESSES. But when it comes to nonprofits, it lacks basic features such as fund accounting or donations tracking.
Assembly Required
There is a reason why there are textbooks written about how to use QuickBooks for a nonprofit. QuickBooks requires careful set-up, work arounds and extra steps to make it work.
Sketchy Support
QuickBooks Online does offer support, but PC Mag called QuickBooks Online support "sketchy."
Unhappy Customers
One glance at the QuickBooks forums and you will see exactly why nonprofits are having a hard time using QuickBooks Online and looking for a better solution.

See why more than 40,000 organizations chose Aplos last year.

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Aplos Features at a Glance

True Fund Accounting

  • Custom chart of accounts
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Budgeting
  • Sync with your bank


  • Contribution statements
  • Nonprofit FASB reports
  • See Financial Statements by Fund
  • Form 990 Tracking

Plus, other advanced features:

  • Invoicing
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Manage and pay bills
  • Accept recurring donations online

See more features

  • Starting price of $25/mo

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