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Brandon B.
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Simple and easy, but with advanced features for those who need it.

Brandon B.,

Source: Capterra

Organizing Pastor at Tidelands Church

Manage your congregation and help them get connected

Help people feel like they belong by knowing who they are and connecting them to others.

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Know and support your church members

The more you know about your people, the more you can support them and help them feel connected. Aplos Software provides all the details you need in one place, like household relationships, membership management, group or ministry involvement, volunteer preferences, birthdays or anniversaries, personal notes, and much more.

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Create people lists

Lists are a great way to help you be more aware of how connected your congregation is. You can build lists to keep track of everyone who has attended a retreat or ministry meeting, filled out a welcome card during a service, requested support to meet a need, indicated that they are available to serve on a ministry team, or recently started giving to your church.

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Keep track of important notes and files

The easy-to-use church software allows pastors, staff, or ministry leaders to store important notes and files, which makes follow-up a breeze. You also have the option available to restrict certain data to specific user roles, depending on their ministry needs.

Build deeper connections with groups & teams

Encourage your members to connect with and support each other throughout the week.

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Help leaders lead

Empower leaders to lead their own group or ministry team in the software. They can log in to their group portal, view a roster, keep it up to date, keep track of attendance, and edit member profiles. They can also communicate important ministry updates and see a calendar of birthdays or anniversaries to celebrate special events.

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Planning and managing meetings

Planning and scheduling meetings, managing recurring events, creating job assignments, and capturing RSVPs in the software is a breeze. Group members can log in to the secure, easy-to-use software portal, view when they are scheduled, and see meeting locations. You can also upload documents, such as agendas, minutes, a directory, or sermon notes that will be available to anyone in the group.

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Volunteer management

Make volunteer management simple when you add open positions for your ministry, invite folks to serve, and add them to your team—all from within the church software. Signing up for an opportunity is simple, and leaders can clearly see gaps in coverage so they know when they need to schedule volunteers.

Keep your congregation engaged

Keep people coming back by quickly following up with them to show you care.

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Automatic reminders to keep in touch

Get notifications in the software so you can reach out when special dates come around, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or anniversaries of a loved one's death. You can also set custom reminders to follow up with individuals after a set amount of time following an important decision, such as a Baptism.

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Custom email templates

Customize and save your standard weekly emails, thank you notes, and pledge reminders to maximize the ease and effectiveness of the communication within your church.

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Mail-merge letters and mailing labels

Use custom filters to send mail-merge letters and print mailing labels, and tailor your messages with dynamic letter builders to address individuals or households by name.

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Bulk texting (optional upgrade)

SMS text messages can be the most effective method to send urgent and timely communication to your congregation so they can be reminded of volunteer opportunities or services starting, or be notified of location changes. With Aplos, you can send messages to one mobile number or a list of subscribers—and receive responses—directly from the church software.

Learn more about our Communication Tools.

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Automate contribution tracking to streamline your operations

Churches of all sizes can use these powerful digital tools to steward their resources wisely.

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Tithe is tracked automatically in accounting

Each batch of contributions automatically appears in your bookkeeping without double entry. The software tracks all tithes and offerings given online by individuals and households for contribution statements, and email receipts are sent with zero work required.

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Track pledges and payments

Easily pull reports to view pledges and generate pledge statements to remind those with active pledges about upcoming payments.

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Easily create and send giving statements

Quickly prepare monthly, quarterly, or annual contribution statements with a single click. You can choose to print statements or mailing labels, or send the statements via email. With the Address Verification option, mailing addresses are automatically verified by the USPS each night and formatted to match USPS standards so you save money by not having returned mail.

Make tithing simple by going digital

When people are connected, they'll want to give to support the mission of the church. Encourage generosity in your congregation by offering tools that make tithing simple.

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Unlimited online giving forms and widgets

Create custom, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly forms with no website or coding required. You can also add a user-friendly widget to your website that empowers people to give securely without ever having to leave the site.

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Preferences for tithing

Make weekly or monthly recurring contributions simple on your forms, and provide a secure portal for those who give to manage their own tithes and offerings. Allow them to use their preferred payment method, offer to pay transaction fees, control how often they give, and identify the purposes of their gifts to support a particular ministry, missionary, or fund.

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Text to Give (optional upgrade)

Offer your church the option to give instantly through text giving. Members can use their mobile phones to send a text message to your church's unique number. They can give a one-time gift to your church or create an account and schedule regular gifts. It's easy to use, and all data flows directly into your church software. View Pricing and Details.

Learn more about our Online Giving & Tithing.

Manage events & check-in

Keep track of guests, and ensure that children are safely checked in and out during services or special events of any size.

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Launch adult and child check-in

Launch a mobile kiosk on a phone or tablet that allows attendees to check in with a staff member or volunteer. It's so easy to use that you can also allow participants to check themselves in.

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Label printing and attendance tracking

Easily link parents up with their kids by printing matching labels to help ensure security. After the service or event, you can run a report in the church software to track attendance.

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Set up multiple rooms or locations

If your church uses more than one classroom or conference room, you can set up multiple rooms in the software for different ministry needs. Streamline the process when you use optional tags to preset rooms for checking in kids or adults.

Accept online registrations for your retreats and events

Connect attendees to others to help build stronger relationships and encourage them to join in.

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Sell tickets digitally

Accept secure online registrations for your next retreat, VBS, camp, or conference. You can even collect RSVPs for free events, such as your next potluck.

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Invite people to participate

Create a specific list of people you want to reach out to. Then directly email invitations, or print invites and mailing labels.

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Track event success

Keep track of attendance and other activity in your people database to monitor your event's success. You can also run a report to compare your budget with your actual expenses to make sure you stayed within the budget you set.

Church accounting included

Aplos was built by a CPA and executive pastor, so we understand churches have unique bookkeeping needs. That's why our fund accounting software makes it simple for churches of any size to do accounting the right way.

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True fund accounting

Easily track designated funds, such as your missions fund or building fund, to demonstrate that you are stewarding your gifts well.

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Generate church financial statements

Easily create your church financials, such as a Balance Sheet by Fund or Income Statement by Fund, and print or email them to church leaders. Use account segments and tag filters to get more granular reporting.

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Payroll integration

Use our payroll integration with Gusto to easily process pastoral payroll and housing allowances, and make tax payments.

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Complete church bookkeeping

All the tools you need to work quickly and manage your finances are in this church software:

  • Import transactions from your bank
  • Journal entry for fund transfers and payroll imports
  • Track and pay bills
  • Create invoices and receive payments online
  • Print checks
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Track 1099s

Questions? Our award-winning support team is here for you, and support is always free for customers. Contact

Learn more about our fully integrated and included Church Accounting.

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This product took several things that we were doing separately and put them all together in one place.

Lisa A.,

Source: GetApp

Accountant at Teamwork Ministries