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One Affordable Accounting Software.

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Easy, accurate fund
accounting software

It's the best of both worlds - you have the ability to view the books of your managed nonprofits at any time, from anywhere, while your managed nonprofits benefit from the simplicity and convenience of using Aplos Accounting for more accurate bookkeeping.
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Get a clear picture of your
financial health

View accounting data in real-time, so you can quickly identify trends and evaluate the financial position of your overall organization.

You can view:
- Summary data of all of your organizations
- In-depth data and reporting for individual organizations
- Need a specific report? Customized reporting available upon request

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Increase Financial Transparency
& Security

Immediately access the books of each organization, review transactions or journal entries as needed, monitor activity, and ensure accounting is completed accurately for improved internal controls. All with top-of- the-line security features.
(see our security measures in detail)

Standardize Your
Accounting Practices

Establish a custom chart of accounts for your managed organizations and improve organization-wide reporting while encouraging true fund accounting practices.

What People are Saying - Quote box
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Aplos Oversight has helped us bring order out the confusion of multiple systems and bookkeeping methods, saving hundreds of hours of my time. A Godsend!

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, Paul R. Veliquette, Financial Administrator,
Rocky Mountain District Council of the Assemblies of God

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Our organization has just recently begun using both the Aplos accounting software and their Oversight program and I couldn't be more pleased with both products. They are user-friendly, easy to set-up and use, and the technical support from the Aplos team is stellar. Highly recommend these products for denominational offices.

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Rev. Dr. Rita Root, Eastern Ohio & Western Reserve Associations
United Church of Christ

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As a bookkeeper for multiple churches, I must say, having all of my organization in one interface just gives me a clearer snapshot on how they're all doing with just one click. Thank you all for making my job easier since the launch of Oversight.

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Oswaldo Anglero, Account Manager
Church Bookkeeping Management


Affordable pricing to fit the size of any organization's budget

Enterprise solutions can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can pay as little as $15 per month per organization with Aplos Oversight! This affordable pricing is possible because the cost is simply included in each organization's subscription to Aplos Accounting! Plus, call to get volume discounts if you oversee more than ten Aplos Accounting organizations and make your monthly subscription even lower! Want more functionality? Customized reports and features are also available upon request.

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