September Updates in Aplos

Google Sign-In
Previously when logging into Aplos, you needed to type in your email and password each time. Now we’ve opened your login option to include a quick Google login button. So if you have a Google email tied to your account you can simply click the Google button on the login screen to get into your account. This will save you the hassle of having to type in your permissions each time you login to Aplos.

User Invitation Flow
As a nifty enhancement to the process of adding new users to your account, you now have the ability to send an invite request to the new user. From this invitation, your user will create a personalized password so they can quickly get logged into the system, and begin working in the account.

Paying Pledges Online
By popular request, our team is glad to announce that we’ve released the ability for your donors to make online payments for their open pledges! So once your donors create a donor profile, they will be able to view all of their existing pledges, the current status that they owe, and can easily make a designated payment toward any of their open pledges. Learn more about managing pledges in Aplos

Dimensional Budgeting
For those who have Advanced Budgeting enabled on their account, you can now import a budget into the software. (Don’t have this feature turned on in Aplos and would like to learn more? Sign up for a quick demo)

Not only can you import a basic overall budget, but the import will also allow you to set an amount, by month, for any combination of account / fund / tag(s) that you have available in the software! For example: If I have an amount that needs to use “4000 – Contributions Income” as the account, “General Fund” as the fund, and “Central” as a location tag, I would enter all of those in the applicable columns and parse the amount out across the month columns. If an amount was not attributable to the “Central” tag, but was for the same account and fund, it would be a separate line with the applicable amounts.