Creating Pledges And Their Contributions

Pledges are promises made by potential donors to donate a set amount of money, either through a one-time donation or through installments over a period of time. Aplos makes it easy for you to enter pledges, and record payment to them over time.

Creating a Pledge

If you would like to enter a pledge into Aplos, start by navigating to the ‘Donations’ section, then to ‘Pledges’. On the following page, you will click Green Plus Icon.

A window will appear where you will fill in the contact information for the pledge. Information includes the date your pledge made their promise, what the payment schedule will look like (whether the pledge will be donating weekly, monthly, etc.), then the due date and the installment amount.

Recording a Payment to a Pledge

Once you receive money on behalf of a pledge, you will need to create a contribution. The ‘Contributions’ tab is located directly next to the ‘Pledges’ tab on the lefthand side. On the following page, click the Green Plus Icon.

A window will appear for you to fill out the donor’s name. If the donor already exists in the system, then their name will attempt to autofill when you begin typing their name in the ‘Contact’ field. Select their name when it appears, and any pledges associated with this donor will show under the donor’s name. Check the box for the pledge to associate this donation with that pledge.

Once you check the box for the pledge, you’ll notice that the details for Purpose, Date, and Amount will auto fill based on the details that you entered when creating the pledge. If this is a donor who has made a pledge, but this donation is separate from the pledged amount, then leave this checkbox unchecked.

After submitting the contribution, your ‘Pledges’ page will update to reflect amounts donated by your pledges. If needed, you can run a pledge summary under the ‘Reports’ tab in order to identify the total pledges made to your organization.

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