WATCH: Mastering Budgeting: Monitor Your Budget in Aplos

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Mastering Budgeting: Monitor Next Year’s Budget in Aplos

Length: 63 Minutes

RECORDED WEBINAR: November 9, 2021

Making a budget is a great planning tool for the next year, but it can also be a practical financial report that helps you track your progress. In this webinar, we will cover the basics for how to create your budget in Aplos and review your Budget to Actual financial reports. We will also share how to make a budget for a specific fund and break out your organization’s budget across departments, ministries, or locations. In this webinar, we will:

  • Walk through the steps to input your draft or approved budget in your accounting software
  • Discuss options to create multiple budgets, update monthly budget breakdowns, and set a multi-year budget
  • Review how to create a Budget to Actual report with available layouts, columns, and filters
  • Walk through the steps to create a budget by fund or tag, and see sample Advanced Budgeting reports
  • Review steps for importing budgets from Excel
  • Share how to build a dimensional budget with fund and tag layers for granular budgeting

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