Training Center

Introductory Accounting

WATCH: Fundamentals of a Bookkeeping System
WATCH: Fundamentals of Accounts, Funds, and Tags
WATCH: Bookkeeping Basics
WATCH: Accounts Payable Basics
WATCH: Accounts Receivable Basics
WATCH: Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
WATCH: Expense Reimbursements and Prepaid Card Tracking
WATCH: Using PEX for Expense Management
WATCH: Monthly and Quarterly Closing Procedures
WATCH: Year-End Closing Checklist
WATCH: Compliance: 1099s in Aplos

Advanced Accounting

WATCH: Getting Started With Aplos Advanced Accounting Features
WATCH: Mastering Common Journal Entries
WATCH: Mastering Complex and Less-Common Journal Entries
WATCH: Bill Pay Basics
WATCH: Streamline Bill Approvals and Payments With Bill Pay
WATCH: How to Track Your Grants
WATCH: Tracking Payroll in Your Accounting
WATCH: Tracking Loans, Mortgages, and Credit Cards
WATCH: Tracking Fixed Assets
WATCH: How to Prepare for an Audit
WATCH: Nonprofit Accounting for Accountants


WATCH: Intro to Financial Reports
WATCH: Restructuring Your Financial Reports
WATCH: Advanced Reporting: Financial Reporting Using Tags
WATCH: Financial Reporting 2.0
WATCH: Multisite Organization Financial Reports
WATCH: Tips for Reviewing Your Quarterly Financials
WATCH: How to Review Your Year-End Financial Reports
WATCH: How to E-File Your 990EZ
WATCH: How to E-File Your 990N
WATCH: 5 Essential Reports Your Nonprofit Needs

Church Financial Reporting

WATCH: 5 Keys for Church Financial Stewardship
WATCH: 5 Church Financial Health Metrics
WATCH: Multisite Church Financial Reports
WATCH: 5 Essential Reports Your Church Needs


WATCH: Budgeting Basics
WATCH: Dimensional Budgeting
WATCH: Preparing Your Budget for the New Year
WATCH: Advanced Budgeting
WATCH: Budgeting at Mid-Year
WATCH: Mastering Budgeting: Monitor Your Budget in Aplos

Donor Management

WATCH: Leveraging Events for Donor Growth and Retention
WATCH: Thank and Recognize Your Donors
WATCH: How to Attract Monthly Donors
WATCH: Science and Art of Donor Retention

Donation Management

WATCH: Managing Online Payments With AplosPay
WATCH: Online Donation and AplosPay Management
WATCH: Donation Tracking
WATCH: Preparing Contribution Statements
WATCH: Pledge Tracking and Fulfillment
WATCH: Weekly and Monthly Tasks for Donation Tracking

Church Management

WATCH: Church Management: Your People Database
WATCH: Church Management: Groups & Teams
WATCH: Church Events: Best Practices and Ways to Launch
WATCH: Financial Strategies to Break the Attendance Barrier
WATCH: Basics of Pastoral Payroll
WATCH: Common Errors in Pastoral Taxation
WATCH: Tips for Church Service Engagement

Nonprofit Fundraising

WATCH: 5 Key Strategies for a Successful Event
WATCH: Launching Online Donations for Your Nonprofit
WATCH: Developing a Fundraising Plan
WATCH: Best Practices for Launching Event Registration
WATCH: Optimizing Your Donation Form for Campaign Success
WATCH: Text to Give for Nonprofits
WATCH: Tips for Making Year-End Giving Easier
WATCH: Giving Tuesday Checklist
WATCH: Virtual Fundraising Tactics
WATCH: Fundraising Fundamentals: Donor Engagement Strategies
WATCH: Major Gifts Fundraising for Any Sized Nonprofit

Church Giving

WATCH: Year-End Giving Campaign Checklist for Churches
WATCH: Launch Online Giving for Churches
WATCH: Church Digital Giving Launch Checklist
WATCH: Text to Give for Churches

Communication Tools

WATCH: Getting Started With Communication Tools
WATCH: Engage Your People With Groups & Teams
WATCH: Sharing Events With Letters, Emails, and Texts
WATCH: Event Registration and Reminders
WATCH: Building Your Website: Customizing Your Content
WATCH: Engage Your People With Communication Tools
WATCH: How to Get Started With Bulk Texting
WATCH: Boosting Fall Campaigns With Letters and Emails

Database and People Management

WATCH: Organize and Maintain Your People Database
WATCH: Contact Cleanup: Contribution Statements
WATCH: Top Contact Lists for Fall Fundraising Campaigns

Migration and Setup

WATCH: Tour the Aplos Suite
WATCH: Tips to Migrate From QuickBooks® to Aplos
WATCH: Migrating to Aplos From Any Accounting System
WATCH: Maximize Your Aplos Setup
WATCH: How to Set up Accounting When Switching Mid-Year
WATCH: How to Customize User Roles
WATCH: Add Giving Forms and Widgets to Your Website
WATCH: Switching to Gusto Payroll for the New Year

Board Training

WATCH: How to Find, Recruit, and Train Board Members
WATCH: Financial Training for Board Members

En Español

WATCH: Conceptos Básicos de Contabilidad
WATCH: Iniciando Donaciónes por la red para su organizacion sin fines de lucro