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Assimilation Help For Healthy Church Growth

by Clay Harmon

Our friends over at Church Community Builder put together 12 ways to help you maximize your connections to engage people in your church. Connections are important because people matter. When people stay on the sidelines and don’t engage, they tend to leave. But if you are concerned about the spiritual growth of your church and reaching more people, getting them connected is essential. So where do you start?

Many churches don’t assign someone specific to ensure congregational growth, though it’s likely you have a strategy for engaging new people. But how do you know if it’s working? Assimilation doesn’t happen automatically. Moving first-time guests to active members takes time and intentionality.

Having the right church management software can do wonders in helping people connect. When you have the accurate data all in one place, it will help you better know and understand your people. And when you understand who they are and what they need, your church can come alongside them to meet them where they are and show them God’s love for them.

Read the full article from Church Community Builder to learn “12 Ways to Maximize Your Church’s Relational Connections” for a refreshing look at healthy church growth strategies.

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