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Groups And Teams For Churches Going Remote

by Clay Harmon

Mobilize Your Church Groups & Teams To Work Remotely

COVID-19 is creating new needs in our community, changing how our churches meet, and impacting how churches work together to respond to these new needs. The good news is your Aplos platform has some built-in tools that can help you respond quickly, communicate, and keep your teams safe. Groups & Teams in Aplos allows you and your team members to work remotely, log into a secure group portal to share updates, sign up for tasks, and plan your meetings. Here are the top ways churches are using Groups & Teams in Aplos right now to do remote work, stay connected, respond to needs, and coordinate with their leadership teams.

Coordinate Your COVID-19 Volunteers Online

You’re likely beginning to hear of new needs, such as people requesting food packages, or assistance with shopping for those who can’t leave their homes. You can invite your active volunteers to a group and divide them into teams, assign tasks, email all teams or specific ones, or send them a link to sign up for specific needs. 

Help Small Groups Stay Connected

Your small groups may have members who need to stay home, or the group may go completely online. By inviting those members into a group, they can easily communicate updates or prayer requests, share devotionals, or even send a quick email with a link to start a Google Hangout so people can stay connected.

Making Board Or Committee Meetings Remote

Some of the most active members on church elder boards or committees are often seniors, which is also a group that is at risk with COVID-19. It is important to keep them connected, even if it is remotely. You can easily schedule your meetings, upload your financial reports that you would normally print out, and post your agendas and minutes. Plus, you can send out an email to the members so they can video or phone conference in using a tool like Zoom or Google Hangouts. 

Share Ideas And Content With Parents Who Have Children At Home

Your church may have canceled Sunday services, have parents opting to keep their kids at home, or closed a preschool. If so, it’s important to stay connected to the parents of those kids. Ask them if they are interested in joining a group where you can share daily devotionals, connect with other parents, post the Sunday School lessons to do at home, or email out relevant updates. 

Want To Get Started On Using Groups?

Here are some helpful tutorials to walk you through step by step so you can accomplish some of the ideas above.

Webinar (45 Minutes): Overview Of Using Groups & Teams For Your Church

Support Center Tutorials

How To Create A Group Or Team

Learn how to create groups, add group members (with role permissions), and invite those members into the group.

How To Log Into The Groups & Teams Portal

Access your groups from your Aplos account or your member portal.

How To Create A Meeting For A Group

Learn how to create planned meetings and poll your members for the most optimal meeting time for your group.

How To Use Group Events To Coordinate

Learn how to create events, set event coordinators, assign tasks, and share helpful information.

How To Create Volunteer Sign-Ups

Once you have your event, you can add and manage your people, and invite volunteers to sign themselves up.

How To Email Your Group

Send an email update to your group to share new information or files, or invite them to sign up for a volunteer opportunity.

Other Tips On Going Remote For Your Church

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